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construction [[red underline]] erected inside of one. [[/red underline]] Size [[red underline]] 220. [[/red underline]] feet and larger. Largest 800 to 1000 tons displacement. On account of [[red underline]] Saturday half holiday, [[/red underline]] works [[strikethrough]] on dev[[/strikethrough]] is [[red underline]] stopped at noon [[/red underline]].
Then visited [[red underline]] Locomobile [[/red underline]] Co where our colleague [[red underline]] Riker [[/red underline]] was our host. Rows of trucks under construction, [[strikethrough]] pleas[[/strikethrough]] building of [[red underline]] pleasure automobiles is practically stopped [[/red underline]]. Most interested in new type of [[red underline]] heavy tank [[/red underline]] the result of combined designs of British and [[red underline]] American [[/red underline]] Army. Looks like a [[red underline]] formidable machine. [[/red underline]] On coming back Robins tells me that [[red underline]] nearly one hundred of Sperry's employes of German extraction have been found disloyal. [[/red underlining]] That one of them had confessed that 
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he had given to [[red underline]] von Papen a description of Sperry's device which we have tried so much to keep [[/red underline]] secret, that another had been found who [[red underline]] had blue prints of the fire-control system used on our navy ships [[/red underline]] in his room etc. That [[red underline]] Sperry [[/red underline]] was to blame for lightheadedly accepting anybody in his employ who [[red underline]] offered to work at low wages [[/red underline]]. 
Took Admiral Smith for supper to University Club then drove home.
Several cheerful letters from [[red underline]] George. [[/red underline]] He is now in [[red underline]] Milan [[/red underline]] in the midst of the most interesting aviation camp. [[red underline]] Hopes to be sent to England or France and seems very happy [[/red underline]]. Says there is as much difference between [[red underline]] Milan and Rome [[/red underline]] as there was between [[red underline]] Rome and Foggia [[/red underline]].         
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