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[[red underline]] but found the spirit there unbearable [[\red underline]] and now keen to strike out for himself or [[red underline]] join the Mining Engineering course [[\red underline]] in [[red underline]] Michigan University [[\red underline]] or [[red underline]] Colorado University. [[\red underline]]  He begins his own problems.  [[red underline]] Celine [[\red underline]] intends to close the house for the winter and rent appartment in New York for two months.  [[red underline]] George [[\red underline]] got his discharge a few days before New Years. 
[[red underline]] Nina [[\red underline]] will get hers by about Jan 15.  Bought all the belated newspapers I could get hold of.  Went to [[red underline]] Halcyon Hotel,[[\red underline]] there got acquainted with [[red underline]] Col. Henry Watterson a characteristic personality and known all thru United States [[\red underline]] as the
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[[red underline]] nestor [[\red underline]] of [[red underline]] fearless journalism. [[\red underline]]
Went to bed early to read all the belated news of the last week.  All this hotel seems [[red underline]] less attractive [[\red underline]] to me [[red underline]] than [[\red underline]] little stranded [[red underline]] Cygnet. [[\red underline]]
Jan 10. Yesterday wired to [[red underline]] Celine [[\red underline]]. this morning had an answer. Then went to [[red underline]] Bank [[\red underline]] to cash a check for [[red underline]] $500. Dr. Lyons [[\red underline]] identified me. Took train back at 2:45. Car filled [[red underline]] with Naval Aviation Cadets going to Key West.  A cheerful lot of boys [[\red underline]] sent from North who [[red underline]] seemed rather disappointed [[\red underline]] in this cold gloomy weather of "Sunny" Florida.
At [[red underline]] Tavernier [[\red underline]] found our men.  They had [[red underline]] discontinued [[\red underline]] work [[red underline]] temporarily [[\red underline]] on account of [[red underline]] cold weather. [[\red underline]]
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