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4 fathoms and [[underlined in red]] got tossed [[/underlined in red]] around [[underlined in red]] pretty wildly. [[/underlined in red]] Waves of yesterday storm are still very disturbing. We found that a [[underlined in red]] deposit of salt, [[/underlined in red]] due to conformation of water impacted in muffler has [[underlined in red]] absolutely clogged up [[/underlined in red]] the [[underlined in red]] exhaust [[/underlined in red]] end of engine [[underlined in red]] Albert [[/underlined in red]] as usually did [[underlined in red]] quick [[/underlined in red]] and [[underlined in red]] efficient work [[/underlined in red]] and after about an hour we got everything going again There was [[underlined in red]] little or no wind [[/underlined in red]] but [[underlined in red]] big waves [[/underlined in red]] of yesterdays [[underlined in red]] storm [[/underlined in red]] tossed and rolled us considerably. Passed [[underlined in red]] Bahya Honda [[/underlined in red]] Bridge at about 4:30 P.M. a strong outrunning tide meeting the waves and made them foam. [[underlined in red]] Anchored just South of Bridge [[/underlined in red]] sheltered by [[underlined in red]] bank of R.R. track [[/underlined in red]]
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near a dredged canal while Albert took the [[underlined in red]] "savage" [[/underlined in red]] in his dinghy to his board anchored at Southern Side of [[underlined in red]] No Name Key. [[/underlined in red]] After awhile the [[underlined in red]] "Wacouta" [[/underlined in red]] a motor yacht about 45 feet and well built anchored alongside of the Cygnet. Later on. an [[strikethrough]] auxli [[/strikethrough]] auxiliary [[strikethrough]] sloop [[/strikethrough]] cabin sloop [[underlined in red]] "Record" [[/underlined in red]] dropped anchor South of us, beyond the cut of ^[[their the bank that runs to R.R.]] There is plenty of [[underlined in red]] crawfish [[/underlined in red]] along spoil bank of the cut also [[underlined in red]] conches on the flats. [[/underlined in red]] A strong Northern started up at sunset and keeps us dancing. [[underlined in red]] We should have anchored further beyond the cut so as to have the [[/underlined in red]] lee of the [[strikethrough]] spoil [[/strikethrough]] bank 
March 19. Sunny weather but [[underlined in red]] Northern keeps on blowing. [[/underlined in red]] Yacht. [[underlined in red]] Wacouta [[/underlined in red]]
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