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April 3 [[red underline]] Gothelf [[/red underline]] has been sent to Yonkers since yesterday to prepare some heat and pressure samples with Zinc-chloride in Yonkers. This morning [[red underline]] Redman [[/red underline]] is on the stand (See his testimony) He gives the story of how he undertook the work. His [[red underline]] testimony [[/red underline]] is [[red underline]] very interesting [[/red underline]] and [[red underline]] extremely damaging and [[/red underline]] gives us entire [[red underline]] information [[/red underline]] about their method of [[red underline]] operation [[/red underline]] He says that for [[red underline]] their so called unproved [[/red underline]] process where they get along [[red underline]] without pressure it takes them 1 1/2 years! [[/red underline]] to cure! etc.  [[red underline]] Lee [[/red underline]] solemn and persevering gives on the nerves of [[red underline]] Bull [[/red underline]] who two or three times calls him to order when by thwarting sug-

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gestions of [[red underline]] Judge Chatfield [[/red underline]] the latter seems to resent it.  [[red underline]] A real pic-nic. [[/red underline]] [[red line in margin marking next sentence]] Would not for many thousand Dollars and many other considerations have wanted to miss this testimony.
This afternoon Redman still on the stand, explains prior act and show many samples which show effect quite contrary to what we know happens [[red underline]] if the patents cited are carried out as described. [[/red underline]]
Finished at 5 P.M. went to Neave's office then to University Club for supper. Feel very tired.  
Could not fall asleep as kept correcting testimony till past 2 A.M. in bed.
April 4.  Rainy day.  Away early to Neave's office
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