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Spent morning aboard with [[red underlined]] Laurence [[/red underlined]] passing in review his work on [[red underline]] tung oil [[/red underlined]] [[margin, red pencil]] !! [[/margin, red pencil]] and drawing up patent specifications. Messenger sent to Yonkers yesterday brought contract of [[red underlined]] Dr. Benedict [[/red underlined]] who is willing to give an option on his process. [[red underlined]] Part of winch arrived [[/red underlined]] adapted it [[red underlined]] to old winch [[/red underlined]] Evening after sunset went out alone in Evinrude in [[red underlined]] Arthurkill [[/red underlined]] etc Lovely evening.
Aug 2. Miss Evans left on her vacation Went to factory and ordered [[red underlined]] Laurence [[/red underlined]] to make a varnish by [[red underlined]] simply adding hexatriphenol in alcoholic solution to Novolak [[/red underlined]] This having the advantage of benefiting by
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the [[red underlined]] high solubility of hextri in alcohol, while hexa is difficultly soluble. [[/red underlined]] Furthermore I expect this varnish will keep better without thickening than novolak + hexa in solution. Used [[red underlined]] 100 Phenol novolak add 40 hexatriphenol [[/red underlined]] and dissolved in 140. (by weight) of denatured alcohol or wood alcohol Boiled a portion of the varnish in return condenser for several hours [[strikethrough]] th [[/strikethrough]] seeming to thicken somewhat but does not set.
Albert went to Yonkers and I [[red underlined]] remained alone on board. [[/red underlined]]
Seems to me [[red underlined]] 100 Novolak and 40 hexatri are not the best proportions [[/red underlined]] and probably much higher quantities of hexatri.
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