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Arrived Perth Amboy 12:45P Hurried lunch then to factory. [[Red !! in left margin]] [[red underline]] Laurence reports H3PO4 and Al2Cl8 [[/red underline]] work same way as H2SO4 with [[red underline]] tung oil [[/red underline]] + phenol and that he has succeeded just as well in [[red underline]] "solubilizing" [[red !! in left margin]] the tung oil [[/red underline]] so as to make a [[red underline]] special Novolak [[/red underline]] with it and then by two step process add hexa.
[[red underline]] Rossi [[/red underline]] back. [[red underline]] McDonald [[/red underline]] & [[strikethrough]] Fuller [[/strikethrough]] [[red underline]] Shannon on vacation. Albert [[/red underline]] started scraping mahogany of cabin I took bearings and corrected compas.
Aug 20. [[red underline]] Strike is settled. [[/red underline]] All morning making corrections to compas. Afternoon at factory [[red underline]] Reychler solution advocated for coating or impregnating paper and molding compounds [[and?]] 
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for reacting upon [[red underline]] hexatriphenol [[/red underline]] instead of [[red underline]] phenol alcohol [[/red underline]] because it is soluble in water Later on succeeded in making a [[red underline]] liquid A from this [[/red underline]] which is still soluble in water and which could be used to better advantage. [[strikethrough]] Can be [[/strkethrough]] To be used for [[red underline]] moldy mixtures [[/red underline]] also for [[red underline]] composite cardboard. [[/red underline]] 
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I propose to use it also in conjunction with [[red underline]] hexatriphenol [[/red underline]] and in that case amount of paraform dissolved in the phenol containing 1/4% of Na ^[[Na]] can be regulated at will Swan at works. [[red underline]] Lewis Taylor [[/red underline]] my former chauffeur who was with me for eight year and is now employed at Heyden Chemical Working as motor-truck driver [[red underline]] applies for the job of chauffeur [[/red underline]] Tells me he ever regretted
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