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[[underline]] Soerabaya [[/underline]] 
May 13, 1925
Answered Georges cable eight words - in relation to his report [[underline]] about Embed Art [[/underline]] Drove to beginning [[underline]] Zoo [[/underline]] situated near a pleasant boulevard and tasteful houses white bungalow type. Several cages with Javanese [[underline]] Monkeys, [[/underline]] also 3 red haired [[underline]] Orang Outans, [[/underline]] playing together. The praus in the canals have artiscally curved end and [[strikethrough]] are [[/strikethrough]] ^[[have]] painted [[strikethrough]] with [[/strikethrough]] carved work on bow and stern, red, green yellow and blue giving a pretty touch of color. Mast and sails remind of Arab [[strikethrough]] Doh [[/strikethrough]] [[underline]] dhows [[/underline]] sail, rig [[underline]] lateen sail. Guinzbury [[/underline]] an Englishman represents a New York firm that sells molded electrical
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