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parts and shows me his catalog of [[underline]] bakelite [[/underline]] parts
Has been travelling here and [[underline]] Australia [[/underline]] for the last 8 months
[[underline]] May 14. [[/underline]] A certain Mr. [[underline]] Schoenheit, of the White Star Touring office opposite [[/underline]] hotel came to see me [[underline]] about my complaints, [[/underline]] says he feels very sorry any such thing has occured and they should like to straighten the matter. That he had seen [[underline]] de Klerk [[/underline]] and that the latter told him his charges were fair etc. Answered him that in as far as I did not ask him anything, and had had enough of the whole subject, did not [[underline]] want to be bothered further and [[/underline]] as far as I am concerned, consider this matter [[strikethrough]] finish [[/strikethrough]] closed.
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I the photo-supplies stores I have noticed all over Java a systematic effort of substituting [[underline]] German films [[/underline]] etc. for [[underline]] Eastman goods. [[/underline]] Leave for Bali at noon. Harbor quite a distance from town. Good well built harbor only Dutch ships; mostly KP.M which seems everything here. Steamer [[underline]] Coen, [[/underline]] - freight & passengers very similar to S.S [[underline]] Van Swoll, [[/underline]] and again no fans. Only one night
[[strikethrough]] About [[/strikethrough]] I notice [[underline]] a Dodge [[/underline]] and a [[underline]] Hupmobile [[/underline]] on deck belonging to some [[underline]] Malays. Numerous Malays, [[/underline]] from different Islands in steerage, [[underline]] they all sleep on their mats [[/underline]] on deck. [[strikethrough]] Quiet [[/strikethrough]] [[underline]] Quiet behaviour. Cabin [[/underline]] passengers about [[underline]] 14; - one [[/underline]]