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[[underline]] Chinese others Dutch. Several Mestizzos [[/underline]] among the latter. Many sailing [[underline]] praus, [[/underline]] of narrow beam, and enormous sail which bamboo light pole on [[strikethrough]] lower [[/strikethrough]] foot of [[underline]] lateen sail, [[/underline]] the boom being lifted high up so as to prevent touching the water while heeling over. 
[[image: diagram of shape of sail and mast]] [[underline]] Catamaran [[/underline]] - like pole on side so as to prevent capsizing similar to boats in [[underline]] Hawai. [[/underline]] I notice 2 Willard ^[[storage]] batteries and one [[underline]] Prestolite [[/underline]] (storage battery) on deck being [[underline]] sent to Bali [[/underline]]
There is a tall [[strikethrough]] Mestiz [[/strikethrough]] [[underline]] Metis Dutchman, G. de Lang [[/underline]] who is the Director of the [[underline]] Balische Volksbank in Singaradja. [[/underline]] His wife [[strikethrough]] is [[/strikethrough]] is very pretty and of decided [[strikethrough]] indian [[/strikethrough]]
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[[underline]] hindoo-arabic type, [[/underline]] perhaps Syrian and speaks [[underline]] dutch, [[/underline]] he speaks excellent [[underline]] English. [[/underline]]
[[underline]] May 15. [[/underline]] Boat arrives Boelelang about 6 A.M. remains at anchor, no harbor. In windy weather it sometimes happens that no landing is possible [[underline]] Minas a Syrian [[/underline]] born in [[underline]] Persia [[/underline]] is the [[underline]] Garage owner [[/underline]] and is there with an excellent almost new 7 passenger Fiat. Tells me he charges ordinarily [[strikethrough]] ƒ75 [[/strikethrough]] ƒ35 a day for that car, all expenses included and that [[underline]] White Star [[/underline]] ^[[Touring office]] only pays him ƒ30. [[vertical annotation in left margin]] de Klerk! [[/left margin]] Like all has scant respect for [[underline]] White star Touring office [[/underline]] There is a [[strikethrough]] man [[/strikethrough]] [[underline]] American there, André Roosevelt [[/underline]] who is the [[underline]] local agent for White Star ^[[T.O.]] [[/underline]] in Bali [[underline]] but he has left for Soerabaya [[/underline]] 
[[vertical annotation in left margin]] de Klerk! [[/left margin]]
The local agent for

Transcription Notes:
"prau" is Javanese for "vessel"