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the road with steady strides ^[[strides]] in Indian file; silent and [[underline]] serious looking. [[/underline]] At a distance this makes a [[underline]] very graceful and artistic picture [[/underline]] reminding of old Greece, [[/underline]] enhanced by the bright and well selected colors of their [[underline]] Sarongs and Shelangs. [[/underline]] Near by, one discovers that many of them are old worn out flat breasted women and that many more carry in [[underline]] their mouth or the corner of their mouth a ball of smoking [[strikethrough]] tof [[/strikethrough]] tobacco [[/underline]] which they keep so that it [[underline]] hangs half over their lips. [[/underline]] Many of them have the [[underline]] lower lobe of their ears pierced [[/underline]] so as to carry into it a [[underline]] slightly conical cylinder [[/underline]] [[strikethrough]] with [[/strikethrough]] some in metal, some in horn
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or other material with which they keep the hole [[underline]] distended to about one inch opening. [[/underline]] Some of them, as far as lines are concerned are [[strikethrough]] undoubd [[/strikethrough]] undoubtedly [[underline]] very graceful specially in conjunction of the surrounding landscape [[/underline]] and vegetation or the neighborhood of some picturesque [[underline]] Hindu shrine. [[/underline]] When they make an offering or pray at the shrine they [[underline]] extend their gifts heavenward, [[/underline]] a very graceful pose. [[underline]] None of them smiles nor gives a sign of recognition nor do they salute as the men [[/underline]] do. As the Island is thickly populated and the women are all the time carrying something or another this endless procession of barechested wo-