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men, keeps on all the time as they go and come from the market.  [[underline]] Never imagined such an endless variety of every kind of shaped breasts. [[/underline]] As this keeps on day after day one gets rather tired of it and [[underline]] one would gladly ask them to cover some of those sights of flat flabby breasted women [[/underline]] which are the natural [[underline]] symptoms of old age. [[/underline]] Poor old worn out women next to the younger generation, healthy and strong, yet ready to follow their elders within a few short years. The climbing roads to the mountains have a pleasant climate not too warm. The roads are being repaired by almost naked
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coolies with [[underline]] broad flat palm hats [[/underline]] which look like enormous flat [[underline]] platters [[/underline]] on their head. They all carry formidable [[underline]] looking knives. Work is compulsory 1 day out of seven and this constitutes some kind of tax. [[/underline]] They are [[underline]] cheerful men [[/underline]] ready to stand still to take [[underline]] their photo, [[/underline]] altho at first they are extremely wild-[[underline]] looking. The pigs [[/underline]] which constitute an important article of exportation of Bali resemble very much their wild [[strikethrough]] amer [[/strikethrough]] [[underline]] prototypes the boars, [[/underline]] and run and grunt along here and there [[strikethrough]] ne [[/strikethrough]] along the streets or near the villages 
Much coffee is raised here in the mountains. I was as the first [[underline]] resthouse [[/underline]]
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