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and that stopped the performance before dinner time. Otherwise it might have gone on for hours.
[[underline]] May 16 [[/underline]] Left [[underline]] Den Pasar [[/underline]] early for [[underline]] Kloen-Kloen. [[/underline]] More rows of bare-breasted women. Stopped at a [[underline]] temple [[/underline] with a big [[strikethrough]] animal stuff [[/strikethrough]] [[underline]] artificial animal [[/underline]] which looked like a big animal and [[underline]] which [[strikethrough]] contained [[/strikethrough]] was the coffin containing some notable [[/underline]] who was soon to be cremated (photo). More Balinese men with their bamboo cages in which they keep their [[underline]] fighting cocks. Balinese cremate their [[strikethrough]] dead [[/strikethrough]] dead after they have saved money enough for this festivity, [[/underline]] to which as in [[underline]] Siam [[/underline]] all their friends are invited
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and which is a [[underline]] costly [[/underline]] ceremony. The body is kept in the meantime in a temporary receptacle and prepared by their priests with oils and resins, both for [[underline]] preservation and for rendering them more combustible. [[/underline]] Then [[underline]] before [[/underline]] cremation they are transferred to artificial animals, some kneeling some standing according to the lesser or greater social importance of the deceased. Kneeling position being for the lesser notabilities. The four legs make it easier to place combustibles below so as to start the cremation.
Reached [[underline]] Kloen Kloen [[/underline]] Rest House about 11 AM. The boy in charge is a Makassar Boy who