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light overcoat. Perfect road first along edge of old crater, then lower begin extensive [[underline]] coffee lands. [[/underline]] Inhabitants here use [[underline]] small poneys. [[/underline]] Picturesque Mountain passes 
By and by hotter.  
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Cock fight [[/vertical annotation]] 
Near a temple chauffeur calls out [[underline]] "Cok feet! Cok-feet", [[/underline]] and I see a large palm-thatched hut containing hundred of Malays, following and betting on cock fights going on in the center [[underline]] All squatted [[/underline]] on the floor changing big 2½ Guilder silver coins, betting on the winner. Cocks provided with very [[underline]] sharp steel knives on spurs. Each fight only takes a few minutes. [[/underline]] No time lost in starting next new betting etc.  Everything
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[[underline]] very orderly [[/underline]] and very little [[strikethrough]] noise [[/strikethrough]] noise. Then visit to Sangsit (?) ^[[Sangsit]] temple:
Arrive [[underline]] Singaradja [[/underline]] at noon. Excellent rest-house (Pasanhagran) best of the Island. Mr. [[underline]] van Harrevelt [[/underline]] there. Rijstafel - Then comes [[underline]] Princess Fatima, [[/underline]] bare-footed saronged, and pock marked, front teeth gone others gold-filled. She was [[underline]] one of the wives of former Sultan [[/underline]] and now has a factory of Island articles which she sells to visitors. She runs a new 7 passenger Willys Knight Touring car, shows me her factory [[/underline]] where she has a few men and women at work - weaving, silver smiths etc. Seems more