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like a demonstrating plant. Her assortment very limited. [[underline]] Batik [[/underline]] & everything more expensive than at [[underline]] Djokjakarta [[/underline]] a a few elaborately gold handled [[underline]] krisses [[/underline]] for sale some of them costing 150-200 ƒlorins
Bought 1 white Sarong          ƒ15
       1 [[strikethrough]] 2 
         metal woven cloth,     20
       1 silver bottle stopper   5
All sent by parcel post by the woman in Soerabaya
[[underline]] Minas the Greek Garage Keeper who speaks English and French [[/underline]] tells me he charges only ƒ35 a day [[strikethrough]] fo [[/strikethrough]] everything included for a 7 passenger Fiat, and White Star Touring ^[[Co]] only pays him ƒ30.
[[underline]] Incoming boat [[/underline]] for
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[[underline]] Soerabaya [[/underline]] arrived about 5 P.M. SS. [[underline]] Van Lansbergh, [[/underline]] is bigger and better than SS. van Swoll or SS. Coen and I have [[underline]] excellent cabin on upper deck with 2 windows [[/underline]] one facing bow, insuring excellent ventilation. [[underline]] Captain Mulder very pleasant. [[/underline]] No electric fans but my cabin is excellent and well ventilated. During night got awakened by [[underline]] itching on feet and legs [[/underline]] and found [[underline]] hundreds of little red ants [[/underline]] crawling over me and my bed sheets making a procession from the floor upwards the wall into my bed. Time spent ant killing, then a little more sleep then more ants so had little rest