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to get the job  
[[underlined]] Herman Hecht [[\underlined]] who has never [[underlined]] done anything good for my interests in Germany nor for Bakelite Gesellschaft and for whom nobody has any use wrote me a very unexpected letter where he claims a further percentage on my stock.  Absurd.  See my answer. [[\underlined]]
[[left margin]] X [[\left margin]]
[[underlined]] Weger arrives. [[\underlined]]  All afternoon talk with [[underlined]] him [[\underlined]] and [[underlined]] Rossi.  Candid talk about situation here, [[\underlined]] our plans, our improvements pending and accomplished, our business methods, ethics, plans for the future etc.  He is best apt to understand because has had 18 years experience in the situation.  Very tired after a very busy day.
[[underlined]] Feb 10. [[\underlined]]  Another full day with [[underlined]] Weger, Hays [[\underlined]] and many other matters.  [[underlined]] Feel tired and nervous poor sleep. [[\underlined]]
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Time to get to ION and rest.
[[underlined]] Feb 11. [[\underlined]]  Another full and [[underlined]] busy day, between Rossi, George, Hays, etc.  Signing documents for Germany. [[\underlined]]  Examining documents for [[underlined]] England [[\underlined]] etc.  
[[left margin]] X [[\left margin]]
Interview with Dr. Grosvenor concerning testimony in [[underlined]] Worden case [[\underlined]]  C.P. Townsend in relation to new application - [[underlined]] Meharg [[\underlined]] catalyzers, all interruptions in an almost [[underlined]] continuous, interrogation [[\underlined]] of [[underlined]] Weger [[\underlined]] and [[underlined]] discussion of problems relating to Bakelite and Bakelite Gesellschaft.  The last four days have stayed in office every day from 9.20 AM to 6 P.M., eating merely box of sardines on my desk for lunch during the few minutes I was alone about noon. [[\underlined]]  
[[left margin]] Strenuous times! [[\left margin]]
High time I should leave for Florida.  Will leave tomorrow
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