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feel rather weak. This morning had my first light meal since two days.
[[underline]] Jan 18. [[/underline]] Andrew [[strikethrough]] worse [[/strikethrough]] no improvement, so I decide to [[red underline]] drive myself the Station Wagon to the Station [[/red underline]] for [[underline]] Rossi and Swan [[/underline]] and let him direct me as to the route. They arrived at 8:30 AM. It was warm & cloudy and rain expected. Gave them each one of my cotton trousers, cotton shoes, and half sleeve cotton shirt and started [[red underline]] conference immediately. [[/red underline]]
[[vertical entry in left margin]] [[underline]] Rossi and Swan [[/underline]] visit to urge buying Continental stock [[/vertical entry]]
[[strikethrough]] Went for [[/strikethrough]] Walked for Luncheon to nearby little Restaurant -- La Casita Gave them lodging here, but let them make their own supper. Swan boiling [[strikethrough]] pota [[/strikethrough]] sweet 
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potatoes - not very handy - [[red underline]] Rossi the [[strikethrough]] br [[/strikethrough]] broiled onions [[/red underline]] and I the steak 
They both seem to like it immensely. 
[[underline]] Jan 19. [[/underline]] (Sunday) 
I wanted to think over the subject. [[underline]] (arrangement with laminators) [[/underline]] and reach a decision this morning which I expressed to Rossi & Swan.
Was dumfounded this morning to hear that Rossi wants to go to Roman Catholic Church [[underline]] this morning. [[/underline]] As there is none here he has to order taxicab to take him to Miami thus spoiling my whole morning's program. So I stopped all lingering and while waiting for taxicab to arrive had a hurried talk about [[red underline]] laminator situation. [[/red underline]] Then 
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