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beakers, I put my efforts at sizing the paper [[underlined]] afterwards [[/underlined]] after it was delivered to us, thus safeguarding ourselves [[strikethrough]] at [[/strikethrough]] ^[[from]]being [[strikethrough]] taking [[/strikethrough]] taken advantage of and losing all the benefit of our work. After considerable work I succeeded in makig a good after sizing on our coating machines, used as a make shift. Then installed better devices and erected a special building where I installed large multicylinder calenders. In doing this I had to change our emulsion to adapt it to the new kind of sizing etc. which took [[strikethrough]] me [[/strikethrough]] hurried and streneous work. Busy weekday and sundays and parts of the night in feverish haste
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Our sales began to rise rapidly. In order to avoid that any setbacks in our new paper might leave me [[strikethrough]] str [[/strikethrough]] without sufficient paper ordered more and more paper from Europe as a fall-back in case of necessity [[strikethrough]] In [[/strikethrough]] Pittman and Herman Lipps the first sales agent for Steinbach, the other for Blanchet Kléber frères, paid us repeated visits stimulated by our suddenly increased purchases of [[strikethrough]] E[[/strikethrough]] these imported papers, also [[strikethrough]] to [[/strikethrough]] as I found later to [[strikethrough]] wonder [[/strikethrough]] ^[[find out]] why we bought this paper. In the mean time the American paper worked better and better, and I felt warranted in reducing our orders as I had now a sufficient 
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