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[[left margin in red]] 18th floor offices [[/left margin in red]]
rid of [[red underline]] Taylor [[/red underline] to suit their own dislikes. I announced to Rossi et al. That I have decided to [[red underline] extend our lease [[/red underline]] of New York offices until [[red underline]] May 1 - 1934 - [[/red underline]] dropping lease of 8th floor from Oct 1 - 1932 and [[strikethrough]] plan [[/strikethrough]] obtaining a reduced lease to [[red underline]] $20000 annually for 18 floor, [[/red underline]] [[strikethrough]] and [[/strikethrough]] thus saving about $4500 of our present lease until May 1 -1933 when our term ends. This [[strikethrough]] brings our [[/strikethrough]] deducted from our lease for 1933-34, brings it to $15000, and [[red underline]] will avoid a dangerous untried experiment [[/red underline]] as Rossi et al propose from [[red underline]] transferring our present offices to Bound Brook, [[/red underline]], incurring undetermined expenses and risking of making a mistake at present changing times, when [[red underline]] improving opportunities for businesses would make our offices considerably less accessible to possible customer. [[/red underline]] if they have to go and hunt us up in a difficultly accessible place like Bound Brook. I want to postpone this experiment until more settled times. [[red underline]] I have not been convinced by the arguments of Rossi, Swan, the Browns and Lowe. [[/red underline]]
[[underline]] Sept 30 [[/underline]] Further talks with [[red underline]] Weith [[/red underline]] over phone, and [[red underline]] Rossi about Taylor situation [[/red underline]] and gave them my arguments why [[red underline]] their abrupt method of an immediate dismissal does not meet my views. [[/red underline] I shall have a talk with Taylor and tell him that I expect his good will and harmonious cooperation if he wants to remain employed to July 1 -1933 as he begs me to do. [[red underline]] George B approves [[/red underline]] my standpoint. Went to Bank to deposit Nina's securities in my box, and which she gave as colateral for my loan X. 
[[left margin]] X Gave 15000$ short term Gov. securities to sell by Bank for new securities [[/left margin]]
At 5 P.M went to call on [[red underline]] Commodore Ralph Munroe [[/red underline]] and his wife who are at the Wellington hotel on their way back to Florida
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[[underline]] Oct 1 - 1932. [[/underline]] At home all day, writing and studying
[[underline]] Oct. 2 - [[/underline]] (Sunday) All day at home.
[[left margin in red]] George Roll [[/left margin in red]]
In morning interrupted in my work by [[red underline]] George Roll [[/red underline]] who 'phones wants to see me for important matter and much broke up my day by his visit in the afternoon.
[[left margin in red]] Catholic Church [[/left margin in red]]
Complained about the fact that Nina did not work in accord with him when he tries to send his children [[red underline]] to mass at the Roman Catholic church [[/red underline]] etc. and asking for my advice. - Told him I had never meddled in the family affairs of my children and avoided doing so. But tried to impress him that this was again a tempest in a tea pot. Asked him: [[red underline]] George [[/red underline]] suppose you were in my position and as I belonging to no church, and your daughter would have married a Jew, and your Jew - son in law would try to send his children to the synagogue against their desire and against the opposition of your wife and your son-in-law came to ask your assistance to compel them to do what your jewish son in law wants to force [[strikethrough]] him [[/strikethrough]] them to do. What would be your answer?"
I tried to minimise the whole quarrel reminding him how lucky he is with his children and other matters, and that all married people who were not hopelessly dead, had their quarrels etc. - So he left here much quietened down.
If he only had some sense of humor and did not take himself so seriously !!
[[underline]] Oct. 3. [[/underline]] At office all day
[[underline]] Oct 4. [[/underline]] Ditto. Meeting of Prospect house here at 8 P.M until 2 P.M. with Wheeler [[strikethrough]] etc [[/strikethrough]] and other directors. - Funds lacking for continuing their work. Same as everywhere.
[[underline]] Oct. 5. [[/underline]] Had a long talk with Weith urging him to keep [[red underline]] Dr. Taylor [[/red underline]] on until he has found another job and no longer than July 1 - 1934, that
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