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[[red underline]] schaft and has denounced the directors of B.G. as enemies of the Vaterland Industrie, [[/red underline]] etc. They claim that [[red underline]] Sachs, [[/red underline]] who is a Jew [[strikethrough]] has [[/strikethrough]] and Weger and Elbel and others of B.G. have offered to the trade a cheap molding mixture, asserting that is was a product, slanderedised by the Government and thus has deceived customers, and injured the industries of the Vaterland. [[red underline]] Sachs [[/red underline]] denies this but says that they have threatened him and [[red underline]] Weger [[/red underline]] as heads of the concern of being put [[red underline]] in prison [[/red underline]] and that it is quite possible they may do so because [[red underline]] Novak [[/red underline]] disposes of the help of their Nazzi influence and that he is not sure whether with the underhand power, [[red underline]] Novak is disposing of Weger [[/red underline]] as well as he may be [[red underline]] put in prison. [[/red underline]] That several cases of the kind have occurred lately, where [[red underline]] for revenge [[/red underline]] or for business reasons, similar tricks have been played. 
[[red margin note]] [[red underline]] communists [[/red underline]] [[/red margin note]]
That the [[red underline]] Nazzis, [[/red underline]] while claiming having swayed and incorporated [[red underline]] their political enemies [[/red underline]] in one single party, [[red underline]] have among their ranks many communists [[/red underline]] who think it better for the moment to simulate submission while playing their tricks against however they hate, and do so [[red underline]] under [[/red underline]] the [[strikethrough]] clock [[/strikethrough]] [[red underline]] cloak of Nazzi. [[/red underline]] 
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[[margin note in red]] Business men use Nazis against their competitors [[/margin note in red]]
He tells me that such symptoms occur repeatedly even inside his business. - That he [[red underline]] is being watched carefully every day [[/red underline]] for any flaw or nonobservance of certain laws. - For instance [[red underline]] one of his Nazzi employees threatened him with imprisonment because he kept one of the men a few minutes overtime to attend to some pressing duties.[[/red underline]] That he is being watched and spied upon continuously etc. 
I have no doubt that [[red underline]] Sachs with his "Czar" ways and abrupt manners [[/red underline]] has made endless enemies among his men who dread him [[strikethrough]] but [[/strikethrough]] and dislike him, and now, as he is a [[red underline]] Jew,[[/red underline]] try to break him by Nazzi cooperation. All the [[red underline]] Nazzi brown shirted men [[/red underline]] etc one sees [[red underline]] all over Berlin, [[/red underline]] in groups or separately all seem intent to force Nazzi-regime or detect anything which is contrary to their power, rules and regulations. Their challenging attitude to everywhere seems evident. 
All this evidently [[red underline]] does harm to B.G. [[/red underline]] - What's worse it that if [[red underline]] Sachs [[/red underline]] gets kicked out, [[red underline]] they have no suitably prepared understudy for him. [[/red underline]]
[[underline]] June 27 [[/underline]] Wrote to N.Y. to send all information of recent progress on Brakelining materials to [[red underline]] London and Berlin. [[/red underline]]
This afternoon Ripper (3 P.M) came to my room with his [[strikethrough]] written [[/strikethrough]] typewritten comments about the
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