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at [[red underline]] office [[/red underline]] at 9.30 A.M. Where [[red underline]] Celine [[/red underline]] met me at noon, Is in excellent health and Dick drove us to Yonkers for luncheon Nice pleasant weather. Delightful homecoming. Our [[red underline]] orders for Bakelite keep on increasing considerably. Stocks also have gone up [[/red underline]]. Everybody well. Celine had come from camp yesterday. [[red underline]] Nina, Cornelia and grandchildren all in camp. [[/red underline]].
[[underline]] July 13 [[/underline]] Handed in my letter of credit on which had drawn $550. Had 151$ cash left in my pocket. Had [[red underline]] started with $200 so spent $595.00 from my own money. [[/red underline]].
[[underline]] July 14 [[/underline]] 
Sachs wires [[red underline]] Surcouf has resigned [[/red underline]] and his company situation in [[red underline]] unfavorable condition. - This is exactly what I expected since long. [[/red underline]] He probably has been misleading the Bethune Co by his optimistic representations.
At University Club met [[red underline]] Allison Armour [[/red underline]] who saw [[red underline]] Dr Fairchild [[/red underline]] in the Tropical [[red underline]] hospital at Boston. [[/red underline]] Reports his condition as [[red underline]] very bad and except for a turn [[/red underline]] for the better which occurred last week, [[red underline]] all hope for recovery had been given up. [[/red underline]] Illness has not been diagnosed and is an exceptional case. - I hope we hear better news soon. [[red underline]] Has now been ill since beginning of May. [[/red underline]] 
[[underline]] July 15 [[/underline]] Cool weather. - Very pleasant Celine on [[red underline]] motor trip to Mount Carmel with Mrs. Livermore, [[/red underline]] and Sanford. Mr. Sanford driving, also [[strikethrough]] Mrs. [[/strikethrough]] the wife of Dr. Smith. Gave them each 3 bottles of my wine after their return. 
[[underline]] July 16 Sunday. [[/underline]] Cool and cloudy All day at home with Celine. Restful day. 
[[underline]] July 17. [[/underline]] Discussed with [[red underline]] Horn and Holmgren new matters of taxation of corporation [[/red underline]] according to recent laws Then later on meeting with [[red underline]] Hays & George as to policy [[/red underline]] for selling or buying securities. [[red underline]] Agreed to buy 
[[vertical notation in left margin in red]] "Fairchild x [[underline]] ill [[/underline]] [[/left margin in red]]
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[[vertical notation in left margin in red]] Italian Bakelite [[/left margin in red]]
remainder of [[red underline]] British Pounds Sterling for paying our share of stock invested in Bakelite Limited. This delay [[/red underline]] has resulted in increasing the value of our needed sterling by [[red underline]] about $30000 over what we [[/red underline]] might have bought it for in May. But [[red underline]] Hays and Sanford Brown decided to postpone [[/red underline]] then because they thought the pound was going lower. 
Also decided on my recommendations to [[red underline]] call in the money (Lire) still due us in Italy [[/red underline]] because at present rate of sales we shall probably show a profit by end of 1933 for Bakelite corporation and in order to avoid the recently increased [[strikethrough]] ta [[/strikethrough]] [[red underline]] new taxes [[/red underline]] we must be able to write off our [[red underline]] losses in Italy. [[/red underline]] - Might have waited till end of year but so many unforeseen things could happen in the meantime and it is quite probable that [[red underline]] Sachs who is best posted on Italian situation [[red underline]] may be expelled from [[/red underline]] Bakelite Gesellschaf before end of year and his successor may not be sufficiently acquainted with our Italian transaction. So concluded to [[strikethrough]] wire [[/strikethrough]] [[red underline]] cable Sachs to send us the Lire [[/red underline]] as fast as Italian Government Permits it. Italy like Germany forbids exportation of money except by special permit yet they call themselves "Gold. Standard Countries"!
Wrote letters to [[red underline]] Irving Thomas [[/red underline]] protesting to [[red underline]] absurdly high assessment of [[/red underline]] my property in Florida.
[[underline]] July 13. [[/underline]] Horn shows me result from operations of Bakelite Corporation as follows:
1st 6 months [[underline]] loss [[/underline]] = [[red underline]] 60000.00 [[/red underline]]
June [[underline]] profits [[/underline]] [[red underline]] $57300.00 [[/red underline]]. If this keeps up for the next six months would give 57300 x 6 = 283800.00 profit not deducting our losses in Pantone and on our security values but deducting amortization 
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