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of Robert Hare. Told him to cable me his assent. [[strikethough]] at [[/strikethrough]] I will pay for cable. 
[[vertical notation in red in left margin]] Bound Brook visit on 45th Anniversary of our Marriage [[/left margin]]
[[underline]] Aug 8. [[/underline]] This is the [[red underline]] 45th anniversary [[/red underline]] of our marriage. So we thought the best way to celebrate it was to visit the Bound Brook new factory. Started here at 8 AM. over Yonkers Ferry and the Palisades. Beautiful weather. Arrived there about 10 AM. and visited all the departments unescorted.  Celine took intense interest in every detail asking questions and eager to linger longer. Walked up the steep stairs to the roof of the tallest building which gave us a birds eye view over the 100 acre plot and surrounding landscape. [[red underline]] Nobody in the world could begin to appreciate the immense road we had travelled, [[/red underlined]] between my humble beginnings in my modest laboratory at Snug Rock, when every day almost every hour I showed her my newest research development and explained them to [[strikethrough]] them [[/strikethrough]] her, and all the viscissitudes thru which we passed. Seems like a dream now since the day when I showed her [[red underline]] the first piece of Bakelite [[/red underline]] which I was able to produce and which [[red underline]] was about the size of the top of my finger.[[/red underline]]
Took a simple but excellent little Luncheon at the [[red underline]] Bound Brook Inn [[/red underline]] where
[[vertical notation in left margin]] Dr. Heyl of Bakelite Gesellschaft was at the factory [[/left margin]]
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the Italian Innkeeper got us a little corner by ourselves.  Then about 2 P.M we drove back and went to see a photoplay at R.K.O. [[red underline]] Music hall "The World goes on" [[/red underline]] showing the [[red underline]] horrors of war [[/red underline]] and the viscissitudes of life in an old established international family of cotton brokers. Excellently performed. - Then we drove back to Snug Rock. - [[strikethrough]] On [[/strikethrough]] A perfect day. 
[[underlined[[ Aug 9. [[/underlined]] Wrote to George Rosengarten about Hare and for advice how to get copy of his portrait which is in Philadelphia. 
[[underlined[[ Aug 10. [[\underlined]] Hot again. Man of [[red underline]] Saturday Evening Post [[/red underline]] Boyden Sparks came to me to write story of Bakelite (71 West. 23 str.) was accompanied by a woman stenographer who kept keeping notes during that 3 hour interview. George, Rossi [[strikethrough]] and [[/strikethrough]] S. Brown and Gordon Brown all away. 
[[underlined]] Aug 11. [[/underlined]] Sultry day. Started preparing trunk and objects for packing for my intended [[red underline]] cruise to Trinidad [[/red underline]] next Thursday altho' do not know yet whether shall be able to go. [[red underline]] Celine left [[/red underline]] yesterday morning [[red underline]] for the camp. [[/red underline]]
[[underlined]] Aug 12. Sunday [[/underlined]] Cool but rain. Home all day - No visitors.
[[underlined]] Aug 13. [[/underlined]] At office all day.
[[underlined]] Aug 14. [[/underlined]] George returned from Adirondacks. Decided finally on my [[red underline]] trip to Trinidad. [[/red underline]] So bought tickets, etc. 
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