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[[strikethrough]] etc. [[/strikethrough]] Afternoon took [[red underlined]] Max. Toch [[/red underlined]] [[strikethrough]] [[underlined]]  Aug 15 [[/underlined]] [[/strikethrough]] to Snug Rock for supper then accompanied him in car to his house.
[[left margin vertical in red]] Germany boasting about Bakelite Hitler propaganda [[/left margin vertical in red]]
[[underlined]] Aug 15. [[/underlined]] Wrote a letter to Miami Herald which published a cablegram [[strikethrough]] where the [[/strikethrough]] from Cologne in Germany where the Germans hailed a "great discovery" of [[red underlined]] artificial ivory [[/red underlined]] [[strikethrough]] made by reacting [[/strikethrough]] from "Anthracite [[red underlined]] Coal". [[/red underlined]] which is simply a camouflage of [[red underlined]] Bakelite. [[/red underlined]] The Anthracite-coal being the producer of [[red underlined]] phenol, [[/red underlined]] and the latter reacting [[red underlined]] upon formaldehyde. Another piece of propaganda [[strikethrough]] for [[/strikethrough]] from Hitler to mislead the world by showing the superiority of the present Germany. [/red underlined]]
[[left margin vertical underlined in red]] Trinidad [[/left margin]]
[[underlined]] Aug 16. [[/underlined]] Day started with showers but cool. Drove to office, took George along to boat [[strikethrough]] in [[/strikethrough]] to see it. - Rather large amount of passengers and quite a number of West Indian Negro men and women some of them speaking French. Continuous rain all afternoon. [[red underlined]] Nerissa [[/red underlined]] is larger than I expected but state-rooms are small.
I decided not to go to dining room during whole trip, thus [[red underlined]] avoiding all the fuss and complications of going thru tedious [[/red underlined]] process of meals among people [[strikethrough]] I do not [[/strikethrough]] who might not be
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congenial. - Simple suppers some of those unnecessarily complicated meals and eat some fruit and a simple dish in my cabin. Westerly winds, occasional showers.
[[left margin vertical underlined in red]] S.S. Nerissa [[/left margin vertical underlined in red]]
Aug 17. Same weather and winds most passengers seasick. Temperature about same ranging from 80° to 87°. Latitude of Hatteras but quite some distance East running a straight Southerly course. Winds somewhat stronger. - Saragossa wind. Most passengers seasick. The bad music would make anybody seasick.
I notice that doors and panels of this boat are made of solid dark brown mahogany in main social rooms
[[underlined]] Aug 18. [[/underlined]] Course about 158° True bright sunshine. Sea and sky dark blue - pleasant weather steady sea.
Among passengers 1st class a few Frenchmen of Martinique also quite a number of negroes second class speaking French patois
[[underlined]] Aug 19 [[/underlined]] Mr. [[strikethrough]] Edmun [[/strikethrough]] Edmund B. [[red underlined]] Besselievre [[/red underlined]], sanitation engineer of [[red underlined]] Dorr & Co [[/red underlined]] is making this tour. With him his wife and adult daughter. Very interesting man
Ship is making about 13 1/2 knots calm sea with S.W. light breeze

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