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[[left margin in red]] Herbert [[red underlined]] Hoover [[/red underlined]] [[/left margin in red]]
W.H. Chadbourn, Oswald Chew, Thomas O. Connett, Willie Garon, Prentiss N. Gray, Guillermo Hall, William Chapman Hall, James A. Healy, Nathaniel P. Hill, Dr. Emile Holman, Edward Eyre Hunt, [[red underlined]] Will Irwin, [[/red underlined]] Joseph W. [[strikethrough]] Kruger [[/strikethrough]] Krueger, Maurice Lintermans (of Glaceries Val St. Lambert), Dr. Alfred L. Malabre, Joseph A. Nash, Earl D. Osborne, Frank C. Page, Maurice Pate, William Babcock Poland, Lewis Richards, Raymond H. Sawtelle, Millard K. Shaler, John L. Simpson, Alexander H. Smith, W.C. Stevenson, Lewis L. Strauss, Clare M. Torrey, A.J.M. [[red underlined]] Tuck, [[/red underlined]] Hallam W. [[red underlined]] Tuck, [[/red underlined]] [[strikethrough]] Francis C. [[strikethrough]] Laurence C. Wellington, John Beaver White, Francis C. Wickes, Percy H. Wilson, Randolph C. Wilson, [[strikethrough]] Withington [[/strikethrough]] Robert Withington, Robert C. Wright 
[[red underlined]] Cablegram from Leopold III [[/red underline]] of Belgium. [[red underlined]] Herbert Hoover [[/red underlined]] who everybody refers to always as [[red underlined]] "The Chief" [[/red underlined]] talked for about 10 minutes over phone, provided with a magnifier so that everyone in the room could listen. He spoke in a [[red underlined]] buoyant, cheerful way [[/red underlined]] to his [[strikethrough]] fellow [[/strikethrough]] former fellow workers. - 
[[left margin in red]] B.C.R. [[/left margin in red]]
I was invited to speak and spoke about [[red underlined]] King Albert [[/red underlined]] and some incidents to his two visits in America. The other diners told stories of their experiences in Belgium during the war, some repeated some songs invented by B.R.C. and the spirit of the evening was the same of a meeting of alumni at annual dinner.
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[[left margin in red]] B.C.R. [[/left margin in red]]
Many letters were received from former B.R.C. still alive but absent some in far away countries. [[red underlined]] Baron de Cartier [[/red underlined]] [[strikethrough]] from [[/strikethrough]] Ambassador London [[red underlined]] Hugh Gibson, [[/red underlined]] American Ambassador Rio de Janeiro, the Rector of University of Louvain and Brussels etc. etc. A very cheerful evening. Drove Grenade to his home in Scarsdale and went to bed at about 1 P.M. Spent most of night reading all the copies of letters received by Rickard. To think that it is already [[red underlined]] 20 years since Hoover took up his work in Belgium. [[/red underlined]] Lately he received scant gratitude for it from the Belgians. 
[[underlined]] Oct 23. [[/underlined]] 
[[left margin in red]] Exhibition - Celine [[/left margin in red]]
[[red underlined]] Celine [[/red underlined]] is giving a [[red underlined]] tea [[/red underlined]] to her friends visiting her [[red underlined]] exhibition of paintings [[/red underlined]] in the rooms of Women Painters Association 42. W. 57 street and came home enchanted of having met so many of our friends who came there. I shall go tomorrow alone
[[underlined]] Oct 24. [[/underlined]] At 1 P.M. [[red underlined]] went to Celine exhibition [[/red underlined]] nobody there but one man taking notes. Celine's exhibit makes [[red underlined]] excellent impression, [[/red underlined]] even better than when I saw them at home unframed and with less favorable light. Her little collection of exhibits look better than the best of other paintings exhibited there not to speak of some "modernistic" atrocities, called [[strikethrough]] Nou [[/strikethrough]] "Art Nouveau!" - She certainly has reached unexpected skill in an art which she took up only a few years ago, and which has given her much happiness. 
[[underlined]] Oct 25. [[/underlined]] This morning when waiting for my train at Yonkers station, it happened that the [[strikethrough]] first direct [[/strikethrough]] new [[strikethrough]] voyage [[/strikethrough]] [[red underlined]] "Steam line-train", [[/red underlined]] passed like a white ghost making its first voyage [[red underlined]] from Los Angeles [[/red underlined]] to
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