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[[vertical note in left margin in red]] Wedding Anniversary [[/vertical note in left margin in red]] 
is so admirably arranged that one gets the illusion of being in the [[red underline]] African wilderness [[/red underline]] surrounded by all the varieties of [[strikethrough]] trees [[/strikethrough]] plants and wild animals. It is a masterpiece. [[strikethrough]] After leav [[/strikethrough]] After leaving the Museum drove for our lunch to Claremont Restaurant on Riverside drive (See above). Then from there went to the [[red underline]] R.C.O. Music Hall, [[/red underline]] where to see a new [[red underline]] cinema called: "The Farmer finds a wife" [[/red underline]] a charming play of the days on the Eric Canal, when [[strikethrough]] tro [[/strikethrough]] Railroad transportation entered as a competitor. [[red underline]] A most enjoyable [[/red underline]] day, excellent weather, and home for a light supper.
[[underline]] Aug 9 [[/underline]] Took occasion of Celine here to go over tax matters. Then to office 
[[underline]] Aug 10. [[/underline]] Here all day. Beautiful weather George and Cornelia went out on Ford's Cruising boat. Very busy day, straightening out papers and accounts relating to taxes. - I began examining old papers etc. left in Gothelf's desk which had not been opened since he left [[underline]] Aug 11. Sunday. [[/underline]] Rain & cool. Busy with accounts & various matters: Found in Chinese lacquer closet a drawer containing many letters, written during the war from friends and relatives in Belgium or at the front. The [[red underline]] present depression and many [[/red underline]] 
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[[red underline]] problems of today seem small to the agonies and worries of those times. [[/red underline]] 
[[underline]] Aug 12. [[/underline]] [[red underline]] Celine [[/red underline]] left here this morning for [[red underline]] camp, [[/red underline]] and I for office Wrote several letters Alford Bender etc. also conversations with Drs. [[red underline]] Schmidt, Shannon [[/red underline]] etc over phone relating to work done by Alford, Hamlin, Byck, Shannon which have a bearing as to priority in case [[red underline]] Catalin [[/red underline]] try to sue us.
[[underline]] Aug 13. [[/underline]] Junior edition of Encyclopedia Brittanica costs $59.75, and ten Dollars more if in Bakelite cabinet. [[strikethrough]] Holmgr [[/strikethrough]] Took [[red underline]] Mr. Grenade [[/red underline]] for luncheon to University Club. He looks rather pale and tired. Has just returned from Belgium. Pleasant and interesting talk as usual [[underline]] Aug 14. [[/underline]] Went for luncheon to Century where met [[red underline]] Duggan. [[/red underline]] Afternoon visited [[red underline]] Galpin of C.R.B in his office. [[/red underline]] Interrogated Weith as to [[strikethrough]] [[underline]] Aug 15 [[/underline]] [[/strikethrough]] cause of unpleasant behavior of [[red underline]] Dr. Henson [[/red underline]] in his work in Bloomfield Shall question [[red underline]] Sanford Brown also [[/red underline]] 
[[underline]] Aug 15. [[/underline]] This [[strikethrough]] morning [[/strikethrough]] afternoon visited for first time the new zoological addition to Central park. Not large but very well arranged, cheerful and easy of access. Kept very clean. Most visitors are foreign born and their children. A good piece of work
Aug [[underline]] 16. [[/underline]] Talk with Sanford Brown about Dr. [[red underline]] Henson. [[/red underline]] Says he is valuable and able but gets his    
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