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[[underlined]] June 22 [[/red underlined]] today opening [[strikethrough]] of [[/strikethrough]] ceremony at 11 A.M of the opening of the Exhibition of [[red underlined]] British Chemical plant at Central Hall [[/red underlined]] (a building owned by the Methodist church) Westminster.
[[vertical notation in left margin]] The Duke of Kent, brother of the King made the opening speech. [[\left margin]]
I was [[red underlined]] invited to  sit on the platform [[/red underlined]].  Met many friends there from various countries.
Motor [[red underlined]] buses [[/red underlined]] here in London much more [[red underlined]] numerous and more noisy [[/red underlined]] than in New York.
Visited the exhibition of Chemical [[underlined]] Machinery occupying 2 floors X [[/underlined]] [[arrow to following text on next page]] at 9 P.M Reception at Dorchester Hotel by [[red underlined]] Lord Leverhulme [[/red underlined]] evening dress & medals. [[end insert from next page]]
[[vertical notation in right margin]] All this on June 23 [[/right margin]][[bracket including the following text to the end of the page]] 
At 7.30 Annual dinner of Institution of Chemical engineers, in the enormous room of Victoria Hotel.  Was placed at one of the head tables between my friend [[red underlined]] Calder [[/red underlined]] at present President of Society of Chemical Industry and Dr. N.V. Sedgewick of Lincoln College - Oxford University.  A pleasant gentleman (Mathematician) who I understand has been invited to visit Princeton.  The dinner is by invitation of Dr. [[red underlined]] Levinstein, [[/red underlined]]
who is now President of the Institution of Chemical Engineers, and who remembered well my former visits and was exceedingly pleasant to me.  The number of participants was enormous and their tables filled this great room.  Numerous speeches, well said. [[strikethrough]] Several [[/strikethrough]] One of the speakers referred several times to my presence [[/end bracket]]
[[vertical notation in left margin note]] Duke of Kent, looks somewhat like the King of Rumania [[/left margin note]]
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and to my work.  A very brillant and pleasant evening.
[[underlined]] June 23. [[/underlined]]  Went early to Central Hall with Potter who participated at the discussion as to the use of plastics for chemical equipment and protection of chemical metallic outfits.  One German representing Säure-Schutz made short address in German referring to increasing use of pheno-plastics for chemical engineering.  
Afternoon took rest, then at 7.30 P.M. the Annual dinner of Chemical Engineers Institution [[arrow pointing to previous page]] See page 30. on June 22.
The dinner was at Hotel Victoria and was by invitation of [[red underlined]] Dr. Levinstein, President. [[/red underlined]]
[[vertical notation in red and underlined in left margin]] Cartier de Marchienne [[/left margin note]]
[[underlined]] June 24. [[/underlined]]  Fine weather again.  Went to office of Bakelite, then to Belgian Embassy, at about 10 A.M where met [[red underlined]] Baron [[strikethrough]] le [[/strikethrough]] de Cartier de Marchienne [[/red underlined]] who as usually was very friendly to me.  He has aged considerably, white hair and white mustache.  He expressed his great sorrow of having lost his wife recently and seemed sincerely [[strikethrough]] affecter [[/strikethrough]] afflected.  The Embassy which is also his residence, appeared rather shabbily kept  103 Eaton Square, London.  The table in the reception room
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