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[[left margin in red]] Gibson Island meeting [[/left margin in red]]
Members present were allowed by special invitation, so as to avoid too much of a crowd. There were about 30 present, all eagerly interested or presenting papers, which afterwards were submitted to discussion [[strikethrough]] Dr. [[/strikethrough]] 
I presided. Dr. Em. Reid of Johns Hopkins University (Professor of Organic chemistry, was the first speaker and reviewed the variety of polymerisation phenomena in the organic field. I [[red underlined]] presiding [[/red underlined]] then [[strikethrough]] Dr. Ben [[/strikethrough]] after discussion, Dr [[red underlined]] Bender [[/red underlined]] of (Bakelite Corporation Research Lab) presented a very long paper, carefully prepared extending the subject.  We were through at 1:30 P.M. - Took luncheon in my sleeping room so as to get some rest. [[strikethrough]] Afternoon [[/strikethrough]]
[[underlined]] June 21. [[/underlined]] There is a party at the Yacht Club for some benefit. So the Club Hotel is overrun by Yacht Club members and their wives, friends and children all afternoon and evening.  
[[left margin in red]] Grosvenor [[/left margin in red]]
Met several friends, among them [[red underlined]] Melville Grosvenor, [[/red underlined]] [[strikethrough]] son of [[/strikethrough]] and his wife (son of Dr [[red underlined]] Gilbert Grosvenor [[strikethrough]] of [[/strikethrough]] President of National Geographic Society) [[/red underlined]] who has his summer residence on this [[strikethrough]] Islan [[/strikethrough]] charming island.  Promised him a copy of the book of Kingsbury on the Telephone and its history 
[[underlined]] June 21 [[/underlined]] Fine weather, another well attended meeting
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[[red underlined]] Dr. H. J. Barrett [[/red underlined]] (of Dupont) on Polymerisation and Structure of the Molecules and by Dr. H.A Bruson (of Goodyear Co?) [[red underlined]] Synthetic resins derived [[/red underlined]] from rubber by Cl.  
[[left margin in red]] Klotz [[/left margin in red]]
Then R. M. [[red underlined]] Klotz [[/red underlined]] astonished us by his samples and talk of a colorless material looking and feeling like [[strikethrough]] crepe color [[/strikethrough]] white rubber and having the strange property of volatilising without carbonising if heated. The product was obtained by means of certain resins and impurities contained in natural petroleum.  He is trying to find applications for it and was very outspoken as to its formation and properties. Then Dr. Harry T. Neher of Rohm and Maas gave a very interesting description of the work of [[red underlined]] Dr. Rohm [[/red underlined]] in Germany, began many years ago.
[[left margin in red]] Ivey Allen [[/left margin in red]]
[[red underlined]] Dr. Ivey Allen, of Bakelite, [[/red underlined]] presented his paper on Polymerisation of Styrene, one day in advance. - [[strikethrough]] Vis [[/strikethrough]]
[[underlined]] July 22. [[/underlined]] This morning before meeting took a walk and [[red underlined]] visited Melville [[red underlined]] Grosvenor, who is to participate today at the Yacht races. The latter began rather noisily and starts were [[strikethrough]] given [[/strikethrough]] given by means of cannon, disturbing somewhat the beginning of todays meeting.  Am meeting more and more old friends or men who know me and my

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Harry T. Neher's company should be "Rohm and Haas"