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[[left margin]] [[red underlined]] Wedding Anniversary [[/red underlined]] [[\left margin]]
[[red underlined]] African Building (in honor of Theodore Roosevelt) [[/red underlined]] and the African room of animals. Both masterpieces in their own way. - The animal groups admirably arranged in panoramic effect of jungle or wilderness as their habitat.
Afterwards we drove to R.C.O. Music Hall to see [[strikethrough]] the [[/striekthrough]] the Cinema. "Mary Stewart" personified by Katherine Hepburn = Very impressive historical drama.
Then we went to [[red underlined]] Ambassador hotel on Park Ave [[/red underlined]] for supper [[strikethrough]] retur [[/strikethrough]] arriving home about 10 P.M.  [[red underlined]] A most enjoyable day. [[/red underlined]] - Talking about the past, our difficulties, the present and the future of our family we have raised, and our happiness and good luck.  [[red underlined]] A never to be forgotten day. [[/red underlined]]
[[left margin]] ? [[\left margin]]
I wonder how many such happy anniversaries our luck shall decide for us?
[[underlined]] Sunday 9. [[/underlined]] Pleasant sunny day.  At home all day. [[red underlined]] Cornelia and her children left yesterday for the camp. [[/red underlined]]
[[underlined]] Aug 10. [[/underlined]] At office as usual.  [[red underlined]] Talked to George about his trip to England [[/red underlined]] including visit to Dr. Stauss in Berlin.
[[left margin]] Geo Roll [[\left margin]]
[[underlined]] Aug 11 [[/underlined]] Talked with George Baekeland [[red underlined]] about situation [[strikethrough]] arising [[/strikethrough]] arising by Geo Roll [[/red underlined]] who now tries to have his 2 sons live with him and trying to obtain income of the trust funds I have created for his children.
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[[left margin]] George Roll [[\left margin]]
[[red underlined]] George B. [[/red underlined]] tells me the [[red underlined]] Harvey School, [[/red underlined]] where the two Roll boys are going now [[red underlined]] is excellent. [[/red underlined]] Hix [[red underlined]] own son [[/red underlined]] went there until last year when he was sufficiently advanced for entering a higher school. There is excellent discipline in the Harvey School and admissions are limited. Even now more applications than are available inscriptions. Long waiting list. But the two Roll boys, by the fact that they are now pupils, can stay unless they defer too long their application. George B. tells me that the mistake George Roll made while his boys were at Harvey's is that instead of full board and residence he compelled them daily trip to and from school to his house, thus tiring the boys unnecessarily and making them miss the discipline and entourage the other boys had while remaining in school and preparing their lessons in common.
[[left margin]] School for his boys. [[\left margin]]
[[red underlined]] George Roll [[/red underlined]] came to see me at 3.45 P.M. by appointment. Received him very friendly, sympathising with him as a father who desires to have some influence on his children. Took him first around our new offices where he met several of the men who were in our employ before [[red underlined]] George Roll in his stupid, stubborn lack of tact resigned, [[/red underlined]] and got into his troubles. All those [[strikethrough]] Then we [[?]] returned [[/strikethrough]] men who he knew as beginners

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