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84/ All this was discussed in a friendly spirit. - I told him that he himself admitted that their present boarding school (Harvey school was one of the very best in the country. - He himself says that the head is a friend of his the trouble is that his sons have not had the full benefit of this school because they are not full boarders, and have to travel back and forward and thus lose much of the advantages of living among the other pupils.
Celine, about that time, happened to come into my office, but I hold her to stay out our interview.
Later, I found out that this was better, because the plan she had discussed with Nina who wants to house [[strikethrough]] all [[/strikethrough]] her children in Scarborough Coeducational school, seems objectionable on account of the 3 children of Phillips Wyman, and may lead to endless complications.  It seems much better that Celine Roll and Ninette Roll should continue in their boarding school in Troy, where both their parents can visit them and have Peter and Baeke. become full boarders at the Harvey School.
The head master of the Harvey School complained to George Baekeland about the fact that
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Nina in her light heartedness had taken her 2 sons from School to take them to Bermuda, without asking the head-master. - She acted the same way when she took them to camp for her marriage. - I discussed all these matters with Celine who is about to join our grand children and Nina in Utowana.
[[left margin in red]] Wyman [[/left margin in red]]
As Phillip Wyman is leaving for the camp on Friday morning and has notified Celine to this effect, I advised her to take the same train, to discuss the situation with Wyman alone first; before mixing Nina in it and thus come easier to a practical and most suitable plan. - [[red underlined]] Wyman makes the impression of being an intelligent man of equitable disposition and common sense. [[/red underlined]]  Furthermore a decision has to be reached before long; otherwise Harvey School, which has more applicants on the waiting list might not be able to accept the two boys.
[[underlined]] Aug 12. [[/underlined]] At office all day.  [[red underlined]] Discussed [[/red underlined]] the Roll children problem with [[red underlined]] George [[/red underlined]] Baekeland. - [[red underlined]] We both agree. [[/red underlined]]
[[underlined]] Aug 13. [[/underlined]] George is in Bloomfield today
[[underlined]] Aug 14 [[/underlined]] [[red underlined]] Celine [[/red underlined]] leaves for Utowana this morning - Cheerful & loving as ever. [[strikethrough]] Ha [[/strikethrough]] conferences with George Rossi, Sanford Brown, Gordon Brown, Horn etc. on various pending matters
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