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[[left margin in red]] Catell [[/left margin in red]]
[[red underlined]] with his broken bandaged arm was more cheerful than any! [[/red underlined]] I had never known him to be cheerful except during these later days.
[[underlined]] Nov. 26 [[/underlined]] Left Washington 9 A.M. Found Tom [[red underlined]] Midgeley and his wife [[/red underlined]] in same car. They are going to football game in Philadelphia. So spent an interesting morning with him on the train. He tells me there is a certain D.K. Tressler - Geneva, N.Y who is specialist in wine yeast. [[strikethrough]] Ar [[/strikethrough]] Took luncheon at University Club, where met several friends. [[red underlined]] Celine is at the Wymans [[/red underlined]] with the children and sent Dick with car at 8 P.M. - Meantime went to see "The Garden of Allah" a Cinema in colors.
[[strikethrough]] May [[/strikethrough]] [[underlined]] Nov. 27 [[/underlined]] At office. - [[red underlined]] George [[/red underlined]] is in Connecticut [[red underlined]] with his children. - [[/red underlined]]
[[left margin vertical in red, underlined]]  Brannon [[/left margin vertical in red, underlined]]
[[red underlined]] Brannon gave me further good news about progress [[/red underlined]] with his new process for [[red underlined]] cast material by means of amine substituted [[/red underlined]] [[bold red underlined]] NH4 [[/bold red underlined]] as catalysts. [[strikethrough]] Ordered [[/strikethrough]] Ordered Holmgren to [[red underlined]] transfer [[/red underlined]] to each of my grandchildren [[red underlined]] 48 or 49 shares of my Bakelite Common. [[/red underlined]]
[[left margin vertical in red]] 14% dividend on common [[/left margin vertical in red]]
Horne tells me that [[red underlined]] our financial board contemplates declaring 14% dividend on our common [[/red underlined]] so as to escape somewhat the effect of the enormous punitive taxation on surplus earnings of the [[red underlined]] "New Deal" Government. [[/red underlined]] A dangerous law which [[red underlined]] will denude many corporations from the necessary liquid funds [[/red underlined]] held in reserve for coming needs or depressions
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[[strikethrough]] Mas [[/strikethrough]]
[[underlined]] Nov. 28 [[/underlined]] Feel very tired and back ake. Spent day indoors reading.
[[underlined]] Nov. 29 - Sunday. [[/underlined]] Bright, moderately cold day. But stayed in all day because I feel tired and stiff and moderate pains in my back. The effects of last weeks busy times seem to show.
[[left margin vertical in red]] Divorce proceedings finished [[/left margin vertical in red]]
[[underlined]] Nov 30 [[/underlined]] Feel better. But have decided not to accept invitation to Patent Bar dinner. [[red underlined]] George [[/red underlined]] Baekeland tells me [[red underlined]] divorce proceedings formalities between him and Cornelia are finished [[/red underlined]] and she is on her way back from Nevada. [[red underlined]] Agreement that [[strikethrough]] the [[/strikethrough]] his eldest son and his daughter will stay with him; [[/red underlined]] their mother being able to see them on holidays if she so desires. Youngest son, [[red underlined]] Freddie to stay with his mother until he is eleven. [[/red underlined]] But George can meet him on holidays or weekends. So [[red underlined]] George has his 2 oldest children to take care of.
Holmgren transferred to each of my grandchildren 48 shares of Bakelite [[/red underlined]] Common as a gift to be added to their irrevocable trust funds I created for them some years ago.
[[underlined]] Dec 1 [[/underlined]] Had the visit of Douglas Scott whom I met at Hong Kong in 1925 when he was manager of one of the oil companies. Is now at Victoria British Columbia. Took him for luncheon at the University Club.
[[underlined]] Dec 2. [[/underlined]] Wrote to [[red underlined]] Dr. J.J. van de Velde [[/red underlined]] letter congratulations on subject of celebration by his colleagues in Ghent. Also sent check [[red underlined]] $50 for McLeod Fund. [[/red underlined]] Rain all day

Transcription Notes:
"Tom Midgeley" refers to Thomas Midgley, Jr., an American mechanical engineer and chemist.

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