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176/ Ordered 12 more copies of "Gone Sunwards" [[underline]] Feb 24. [[/underline]] Letter from [[red underline]] George recommending [[red underline]] paying [[red underline]] 2 1/2 % quarterly [[/red underline]] on [[red underline]] common [[/red underline]] and then at end of year less of large amount which makes [[red underline]] gossip [[/red underline]] as to [[red underline]] our large profits [[/red underline]] by people who do not realise our [[red underline]] small capitalisation [[/red underline]] and also induces others to make their own plastics, or start competing concerns. [[vertical note in left margin in red]] Small dividends divided during year. [[/vertical note in left margin]] Told him I wich we would declare 1% uncommon and await further times to decide what to do. and thus adapt ourselves. to whatever may happen. At least [[red underline]] next dividend should not be larger than 1% [[/red underline]] Wrote Bloomfield about D.E. Worley, 2757 S.W. 8 st. Miami receiving no answer to his inquiry about varnish. Andrew went out this afternoon with his family. [[strikethrough]] The New [[/strikethrough]]
[[underline]] Sunday [[/underline]] Feb 28. [[red underline]] No bleeding today Stayed home all day, reading & writing. Rain [[strikethrough]] and [[/strikethrough]] all morning. Afternoon had visit of Mr. [[red underline]] A.H. Andrews [[/red underline]] of Esters. Fla. the publisher of The [[red underline]] American Eagle. [[/red underline]] Long interesting talk about tropical farming, new tropical plants etc. - [[red underline]] Gave him a copy [[/red underline]] of [[red underline]] Cecil Roberts' book [[/red underline]] Celine on evening went to supper & card party at [[red underline]] Mrs. Brett [[/red underline]] [[end page]] [[start page]] \177
Cold night = 50 [[degree symbol]] F this morning. [[underline]] March 1. [[/underline]] Wrote letters to [[red underline]] Grenade Marcel Dutry  [[/red underline]] and Dr. Gilbert [[red underline]] Grosvenor [[/red underline]]. - Afternoon the visit of [[red underline]] Skinner formerly engineer of Westinghouse [[/red underline]]  who had driven with his wife and another lady from Pitsburgh to here. - [[red underline]] Very pleasant meeting. [[vertical note in left margin in red]] Skinner of Westinghouse [[/vertical note in left margin]] All much interested in my garden [[red underline]] Skinner [[/red underline]] & I talked about [[red underline]] old times [[/red underline]] when he helped me introducing [[red underline]] Bakelite [[/red underline]] at Westinghouse Co. where it has supplanted now then old [[red underline]] Mccartha [[/red underline]] made from Shellac Evening Celine and I went to see the very well played movie:"The House of Lloyd's" [[underline]] March 2 [[/underline]] Last night 48 [[degree symbol]] F, then somewhat warmer. But very clear weather. Wrote to [[red underline]] Dr. Weger [[/red underline]] who has reired from Bakelite Gesllschaft on [[strikethrough]] pension [[/strikethrough]] pension Also various other letters. Celine went for luncheon at Beautiful brisk but cool day. [[underline]] March 3 [[/underline]] Sunny & somewhat [[strikethrough]] warmer [[/strikethrough]] warmer. Went to Miami for hair-cut. also inquired for "step-over" privileges on Celine ticket for Raleigh Station 

Transcription Notes:
Cecil Roberts book is "Gone Sunwards"

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