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[[left margin]] Switzerland [[/left margin]]
Large visiting crowds.  The [[red underlined]] Swiss exhibit [[/red underlined]]makes a most excellent impression. - [[red underlined]] No country of Europe has a better record than this little Swiss [[/red underlined]] Republic.  Its people [[red underlined]] industrious, intelligent and thrifty [[/red underlined]] and notwithstanding its [[red underlined]] three different languages and several religions [[/red underlined]] they get along well and tolerant of each other. - [[red underlined]] What a difference with Belgium or Ireland.  Swiss Universities compare with the best.  So their industries, schools [[/red underlined]] arts & letters.
[[underlined]] June 21 [[/underlined]] [[red underlined]] Again to exhibition[[/red underlined]]  Tiresome walking, specially as one has to walk over so many bridges to go from one part of another.  then went in an excursion boat around the Seine, to see Exhibition from the water.  I note that the water of the Seine here is much cleaner than in 1906.
[[underlined]] June 22. [[/underlined]]  60°F!  Letter from [[red underlined]] Celine. [[/red underlined]] She is now in [[red underlined]] Zurich with Frederic. [[/red underlined]] 
[[left margin]] Maison de la Chimie  Jean Gerard [[/left margin]]
Went to visit [[red underlined]] Maison de la Chimie[[/red underlined]]  Well concerned for documentations and scientific reunions  [[red underlined]] Mr Jean Gerard [[/red underlined]] took me around  A man about 40-50 - very alert and imbued with his work.  Unfortunately [[red underlined]] knows no English [[/red underlined]]  Joined 2 Americans there experimenting with a machine they had invented in U.S., for rapid documentations and photostats on films of very small size to be enlarged.  One of them was [[red underlined]] Dr. R.H. Dreager [[/red underlined]]
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Lieutenant M.C. U.S.A.  Tomorrow leave Paris for England.  While strolling along the Boulevards picked out a restaurant on the sidewalk for lunch, where I was along.  
[[left margin]] President of Rutgers College [[/left margin]]
After a while a gentleman came in and sat at a distant table.  He [[red underlined]] wore a Sigma X [[/red underlined]] pin.  So got acquainted.  Knew me well and is a fellow chemist.  [[red underlined]] Dr. Ernest Little[[/red underlined]] 239 Bessmer Str. Highland Park. New Jersey [[red underlined]] President of Rutgers [[/red underlined]] - Most pleasant meeting; knows so many of our friends.
[[left margin]] London [[/left margin]]
[[underlined]] June 23. [[/underlined]] Left Paris for [[red underlined]] London [[/red underlined]] over Calais.  Much nearer than over Belgium and [[red underlined]] English steamer [[/red underlined]] at Dover as well as [[red underlined]] excellent Pullman car to London. [[/red underlined]]  Went to old Grosvenor Hotel at Victoria Station Terminal.  Very crowded.  Got largest room of hotel.  [[red underlined]] Big bath but no W.C. [[/red underlined]] 6$ a day
[[underlined]] June 24 - 25.[[/underlined]]  Telegram [[red underlined]] Celine [[/red underlined]] arrives Sunday just before I leave for Edinburgh.  Long talk at office with [[red underlined]] Kingsbury [[/red underlined]]  Potter still in America.
[[underlined]] June 26 [[/underlined]]  Went to Garden Party at [[red underlined]] Mr Kingsbury's [[/red underlined]] country place.  Beautiful day.  Open air performance on Mr Kingsbury's lawn: "Midnight summer dream" by local habitatns.  Met [[red underlined]] Mr. Kingsbury Irish son in law, [[/red underlined]] his son, daughters and many Bakelite men and their wives.  Cold buffet.  Excellent wine all very pleasant.
[[underlined]] June 27 [[/underlined]] (Sunday)  [[red underlined]] Celine [[/red underlined]] arrived in the afternoon.  [[red underlined]] Visited London together [[/red underlined]] in a cab.  All streets empty.  Then to movie.  [[left margin]] Took supper [[red underlined]] together [[/red underlined]] [[/left margin]]  Left by sleeper for [[red underlined]] Edinburgh [[/red underlined]]  Celine will follow.
[[in red]] Edinburg [[/in red]]
[[underlined]] June 28 [[/underlined]]  Arrived 7.30 AM at [[red underlined]] North West Hotel.  Rainey and cold. [[/red underlined]] Cannot have my room before 12.M.