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by means of a special instrument. Tells me will necessitate 3 or 4 days [[red underlined]] staying in his sanitarium. [[/red underlined]] Told him shall have to postpone this for a few days.
[[strikethrough]] [[underlined]] Aug 5. [[/underlined]] Again bleeding [[/strikethrough]] Afterwards had meeting with man from Bakelite Cinema project, told him my objections. They will submit again the film and unfinished parts, as soon as I am ready for it.
[[underlined]] Aug 5 [[/underlined]] At office as usual. Had some bleeding this morning.
[[left margin in red]] Georges 3 children [[/left margin]]
[[underlined]] Aug 6. [[/underlined]] Some bleeding, [[strikethrough]] Lu [[/strikethrough]] told to [[red underlined]] George. [[/red underlined]]  Also talked long with him about [[red underlined]] his [[strikethrough]] children [[/strikethrough]] 3 children, [[/red underlined]] now with him in Connecticut, and are all three happy and healthy. - Tells me his boy [[red underlined]] Brooksie has become quite a man and has enjoyed his horse-pack [[/red underlined]] trip thru British Columbia.
[[left margin in red]] Redwood timber [[/left margin]]
Then long talk with Rossi & George on the subject of phenols etc from Redwood California trees as explained by their representative Mr. Barry, who makes a good impression and seems well informed. They [[red underlined]] want us to join in developing the chemical use of the redwood [[/red underlined]] timber which is chemically so different from other wood varieties. We are all three disposed to enter into a tentative partnership for this purpose.
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[[strikethrough]] A hot sultry da  Sta [[/strikethrough]]
[[underlined]] Aug. 7. [[/underlined]] (Saturday) Stayed in Yonkers. - some [[red underlined]] bleeding, [[/red underlined]] this morning. This is the longest succession of bleeding, during so many days, I ever experienced. So shall try next week to submit to sanitarium operation and treatment.
Am astonished to note that notwithstanding such a daily loss of blood, I hardly notice it, notwithstanding my walking about.
[[left margin in red]] Celine [[/left margin]]
[[red underlined]] Celine [[/red underlined]] arrived here from [[red underlined]] the camp [[/red underlined]] at about 7 P.M., cheerful and in good health [[strikethrough]] and [[/strikethrough]].  Hearty meeting and remembering, past years, the present and the future of the whole family. They are all well, and except George and his wife and children are all in camp.
[[underlined]] Aug 8. [[/underlined]]
[[left margin]] 48th Anniversary of our marriage [[/left margin]]
This is the [[red underlined]] 48 anniversary of our wedding. [[/red underlined]] On account of my [[strikethrough]] trou [[/strikethrough]] [[red underlined]] intestinal troubles, [[/red underlined]] thought it best to simply stay here all day, and thus be better prepared for my visit and treatment of [[red underlined]] Dr. Montagu, [[/red underlined]] next week.  
Weather foggy, and 80°F and no wind and maximum humidity. Had a quiet and simple dinner together; remembering our long happy married life and thinking of so many happy events and of those of our friends who have gone to the Great Beyond. Guessing also at the future of our children and grandchildren.
[[note in left margin in red, underlined]] Montague [[/note in left margin in red, underlined]]
Afternoon Celine to Nina's house in Scarsborough, while I spent the afternoon reading and writing and preparing myself for next
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