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weeks ^[[surgical]] operation. This mornings bleeding was much less than any of last week. Told Celine about my plans for intended operation next week.
[[left margin in red]] grandchildren [[/left margin in red]]
[[red underlined]] Talked over old times and our children and grandchildren. [[/red underlined]] Will they have such and interesting and grand-life as we have had?  Celine at 3 P.M. went to visit Nina at Scarborough.
[[underlined]] August 9. [[/underlined]] No bleeding. Went to office. Long talk with George, told him of [[red underlined]] tomorrows operation. [[/red underlined]]  Then went for light luncheon at University Club, then to a movie. Went to bed early so as to be well rested for tomorrow.
[[left margin in red, underlined]] Operation by Montague [[/left margin in red, underlined]]
[[underlined]] Aug 10. [[/underlined]]  Dick drove me to [[red underlined]] Dr. Montague [[/red underlined]] where I arrived at 9:30 A.M. Was assigned small room provided with a separate wash basin and W.C. [[red underlined]] Dr. Montague [[/red underlined]] proceeded with operation after injecting local anesthetics. Felt no pain because I was [[red underlined]] unconscious. [[/red underlined]] Afternoon awoke in my bed and bandaged. Dr. M. says [[red underlined]] my case was much more complicated [[/red underlined]] than he expected and caused much bleeding. [[red underlined]] He had to scrape out the inside of the rectum [[/red underlined]] to a distance of about 4 1/2 inch. I feel no pain and imagine shall have rapid convalescence.  At 3 P.M. had visit of Celine and Celine Roll, who stayed talking about 30 minutes.  Cheerful visit. Afterwoods pain on anus, but not too strong; but much stronger during the night.
Aug 11. [[red underlined]] Strong pain [[/red underlined]] on anus. Visit of George B and Celine, talked over family matters and future.
[[red underlined]] Fed on oatmeal & "Carnation" condensed [[/red underlined]] milk. Celine left for camp with Celine Roll
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[[underlined]] Aug 12. [[/underlined]] All day [[red underlined]] in bed. Torture pain [[/red underlined]] on anus. Two nurses, on during day other during night.
[[underlined]] Aug 13. [[/underlined]]  About the same - Sultry weather.
[[left margin red underlined]] Return to Yonkers [[/left margin red underlined]]
August 14 [[ditto marks for "About the same".]] Decided to [[red underlined]] leave this morning for Yonkers. [[/red underlined]] Sultry very hot weather. Paid my bills to Dr. M. [[strikethrough]] and [[/strikethrough]] [[red underlined]] Dick came to fetch me with [[strikethrough]] our [[/strikethrough]] our car, accompanied by  Carlo [[/red underlined]] in case we need him. Happy to be in my own home. Continuous pain and hot weather. A little Radio, near my bed distracts my attention from my pain.
[[left margin in red]] Pains. Rectum [[/left margin in red]]
[[underlined]] Aug 14. [[/underlined]] My [[red underlined]] meals: Brown bread, Carnation canned milk, [[/red underlined]] pears and slightly boiled [[strikethrough]] cerily [[/strikethrough]] celery, or ditto lettuce. Diet arranged to have easier stools.  
Had one bowel movement but [[red underlined]] intense pain on anus. [[/red underlined]] Cannot sit comfortably on a chair, nor lie comfortably in bed.
[[underlined]] Aug 15. [[/underlined]]  Called in [[red underlined]] Dr. Betz [[/red underlined]] of the Yonkers hospital. He reports [[strikethrough]] operati [[/strikethrough]] result of operation successful and healing suitably. But my intense pain keep on just the same. Told me to arrange a hospital nurse, for day and night assistance.
[[underlined]] Aug 16. [[/underlined]]  Sultry weather and pains keep on.
What bothers me in addition is to be washed in bed [[red underlined]] by that nurse [[/red underlined]] instead of allowing me to use my bath tub.
[[underlined]] Aug 17. [[/underlined]] [[red underlined]] Constipation, which increases pain [[/red underlined]] still further when trying to have a stool. Altho' have adopted use of [[red underlined]] "Mucilose" [[/red underlined]]
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