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[[underlined]] Sept. 7. [[/underlined]]  Fine sunny day.  Dick drove to me to office, to attend to belated mail.  Got my [[red underlined]] hair cut, first time since my arrival in London. [[/red underlined]]  Took luncheon at University Club, then back homeward.
[[underlined]] Sept. 8. [[/underlined]]  [[red underlined]] Directors [[/red underlined]] meeting of [[red underlined]] Bakelite [[/red underlined]] this morning, which I presided: only [[red underlined]] George Baekeland, Hays, Swan, Sanford Brown [[/red underlined]] & myself [[strikethrough]] present [[/strikethrough]] and [[red underlined]] Leo Karpen. [[/red underlined]]  George had introduced a motion that instead of next [[red underlined]] dividend on common, [[/red underlined]] which is rather large, to be disbursed in one check [[red underlined]] should be subdivided [[/red underlined]] in 2 following remittances at succeeding dates; thus avoiding that our customers and superficial public, when reading in the papers the published amount of our dividends and not knowing our small capitalisation, [[red underlined]] should think that we make unduly large profits. [[/red underlined]]
[[left margin in red]] Subdividing size of stock certificate.  Large dividends of Bakelite [[/left margin in red]]
In that line of thought I proposed an amendment to the constitution [[red underlined]] reducing the normal par value of our common stock, now officially at 100$ should be reduced to $10.00 per share, and exchanging the present $100 [[/red underlined]] common shares to $10.00.  Everybody agreed with the proposal which was passed unanimously.
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Afterwards went to [[red underlined]] Dr. Montague [[/red underlined]] to have [[red underlined]] anus stretched. [[/red underlined]]  Tells me am making good progress.  Will meet again next Thursday.  Went to University Club for luncheon, then drove home.  Very beautiful weather.
[[underlined]] Sept 10. [[/underlined]]  Slept well. - Beautiful weather.  Stayed home all day reading and writing letters
[[underlined]] Sept 11 [[/underlined]] - Ditto.
[[underlined]] Sept 12.  Sunday. [[/underlined]]  Still troubled with [[red underlined]] flattulency. [[/red underlined]] - Perfect weather.
[[underlined]] Sept 13. [[/underlined]]  Rain all day.  Dick took Celine's painting to New York for exhibition.
Also my article for [[red underlined]] Chandler Anniversary [[/red underlined]] for Dr. Jons.
[[underlined]] Sept 14 [[/underlined]]  Wrote letter to [[red underlined]] Sir James Irvine [[/red underlined]] Saint Andrews University about that subsidy for publishing.  [[red underlined]] Sir d'Arcy Thompson [[/red underlined]] new edition
Guaranty Trust Balance = [[red underlined]] 166000 [[/red underlined]]
[[underlined]] Sept 15. [[/underlined]]  At office most of day.  George tells me about negotiations concerning Swiss invention for spraying molten metals as protector against rust.
[[left margin in red]] Montague [[/left margin in red]]
[[underlined]] Sept 16. [[/underlined]] Went to office then to [[red underlined]] Dr. Montague [[/red underlined]] for examination.  Tells me everything makes [[red underlined]] good progress. [[/red underlined]]
Wrote [[red underlined]] letter to Franklin Institute accepting invitation to lecture. [[/red underlined]]
[[underlined]] Sept 17. [[/underlined]]  George phoned that he has a high temperature, and decides to stay at home.
Had [[red underlined]] conference with Barns, Rossi [[/red underlined]]
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