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and Barus on [[red underlined]] Catalin-suit [[/red underlined]] situation. Barus has obtained better terms from Mann and if they agree we are ready to come to an agreement. - We shall however try to balance this by exacting a royalty on our milk color patent.  Very rainey day.
[[underlined]] Sept 16. [[/underlined]]  Fine weather. Dick has gone to camp to fetch Celine and children.
[[underlined]] Sept 17 [[/underlined]]  Wrote letter to [[red underlined]] Frederic Swarts [[/red underlined]] & to [[?Ghuys]]. - Still feel easily tired.
[[underlined]] Sept 18. [[/underlined]]  Wrote Summary for my [[strikethrough]] as [[/strikethrough]] [[red underlined]] lecture for Franklin Institute [[/red underlined]]
[[underlined]] Sept 19. [[/underlined]]
[[left margin in red]] Brooks and [[strikethrough]] Dikie [[/strikethrough]] Dicky. [[/left margin in red]]
[[red underlined]] Brooksie Baekeland and Dicky arrived here with Celine from camp [[/red underlined]] this afternoon to stay over night. [[red underlined]] Dicky makes a bad impression with her rouged lips and rouged nails. - Incorrigible and stubborn on this point, [[/red underlined]] not realising that with her natural prettiness, [[red underlined]] she needs no such common artifices. Dickie is now 17. [[/red underlined]] 
Her [[red underlined]] brother on the contrary makes an excellent impression. He has grown and changed [[/red underlined]] so much since I last saw him, that if I had met him on the street, I would not have recognised him. Although he [[red underlined]] is only 16 years old he is much taller than I and [[/red underlined]] decidedly taller than his father, and muscular. [[red underlined]] Makes an impression of seriousness and intelligence - a fine boy, who seems to possess all the qualities to become a distinguished citizen. [[/red underlined]]
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We sat up till midnight. He [[red underlined]] asking me questions [[/red underlined]] and I telling experiences of my life. Am sorry he has to leave tomorrow morning to visit his mother and to return to his school. [[red underlined]] Dickie [[/red underlined]] stays here longer.
[[underlined]] Sept 20. [[/underlined]] 
[[left margin in red]] Legionaire War Veterans [[/left margin in red]]
I went to office. New York City is overrun by [[red underlined]] Legionaire War Veterans [[/red underlined]] amounting to several hundred thousands to hold tomorrow their Grand parade. - Many have already [[red underlined]] made fools of themselves by their loutish behaviour, [[/red underlined]] stopping traffic shooting cannon and firecrackers and other foolish behaviour to attract attention.
What will it be tomorrow they then hold their parade which starts early and is supposed to end only about sunset?
[[left margin in red]] International education [[/left margin in red]]
Had visit of [[red underlined]] Dr. Fisher of Institute of International Education, [[/red underlined]] gave him a check as my yearly contribution. Since the war in China, [[red underlined]] Tung oil supplies have become scarce. [[/red underlined]] Am glad to learn that [[red underlined]] our purchasing department [[/red underlined]] is amply supplied of this material.
Got a letter from [[red underlined]] Sir Robert L. Mond [[/red underlined]] President of Societe de Chimie Industrielle Paris - Sept 8 - congratulating me on being elected [[red underlined]] Honorary Member. [[/red underlined]]
[[underlined]] Sept 21. [[/underlined]]  At office.
Sept. 22.  Did not go to Columbia Commencement - Stayed at office. Miss Francoise Dony, daughter of [[red underlined]] Prof. Dony of Brussels, [[/red underlined]] called at phone to tell she was in town. Celine called at her hotel

Transcription Notes:
"Barus" may refer to Maxwell Barus, physicist at Brown University.