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advantageous. [[strikethrough]] and with [[/strikethrough]] We are in very friendly [[strikethrough]] de [[/strikethrough]] relations with U.C from which we buy several of our raw materials. (Union Carbide 
[[underline]] Oct 19. [[/underline]] Rossi reports excellent meeting ^[[yesterday]] in a [[underline]] symposium on Plastics where Bakelite [[/underline]] took the lead. More than 500 persons crowded in the large auditorium of [[underline]] Benjamin Franklin Institute. Blunt [[/underline]] was the leader in the discussion and made an [[underline]] excellent [[/underline]] and much appreciated address and answered the many questions put to him. [[strikethrough]] Ross [[/strikethrough]] (See next page) A new similar meeting will be held there before long. This time the subject will be Synthetic paints and varnishes and protective coatings. 
[[left margin, arrow pointing towards top of page from entry for Oct 18]] [[underline]] (Oct 18) Judge Ritter [[/underline]] at 5 P.M. at Snug Rock to [[underline]] discuss death taxes [[/underline]] and double taxation. Asserts that quite sometime before the Dr. Dorrance case, (which excited so much discussion on account of both the States of Pennsylvania and New Jersey levying death taxes) the [[underline]] Supreme court of the U. States had decided that [[strikethrough]] no only one state [[/strikethrough]] no more than one state could put claim on inheritance taxes. [[/underline]] Promised to send me copy and date of that decision. [[strikethrough]] Co [[/strikethrough]] Is leaving this week for his home at Coconut Grove and will mail me citation etc. Tells me also that legal domicile or residence [[underline]] depend primarily [[/underline]] 
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[[underline]] on the place where one votes [[/underline]] next to this, where one keeps ones intangibles. 
[[underline]] Oct 19 [[/underline]] (continued) [[underline]] George seems [[strikethrough]] last [[/strikethrough]] less inclined [[strikethrough]] for [[/strikethrough]] to Cyanamid Co. [[/underline]]
[[underline]] Oct 20. [[/underline]] George suggests putting my intangibles in a bank in Connecticut preferably in Stamford and to [[underline]] remove my intangibles from New York. [[/underline]] 
[[vertical note in left margin]] Wine formula. [[/vertical note in left margin]] 
Today James started wine making from our red Concord grapes and another batch from mixture of [[strikethrough]] re [[/strikethrough]] grapes still on our vines. Added [[strikethrough]] cerl [[/strikethrough]] Cerelose (glucose) as following ratio: 250 lbs grapes after removing stem crushed and put in clean barrel with tight lid, then [[strikethrough]] addes [[/strikethrough]] after [[strikethrough]] one [[/strikethrough]] 2 days fermentation added 75 lbs of Cerelose dissolved first in 6 gallons + 1 pint water, stirring well before putting on the lid and keeping in the cellar where there is mild regular temperature 
[[underline]] Oct 21. [[/underline]] Went to [[underline]] Fifth Ave Trust [[/underline]] Co. bank and discussed inheritance taxes with 2 of their officers. They seem very [[underline]] desirous to keep my custom. [[/underline]]
[[underline]] Oct 22 [[/underline]] Saturday at Snug Rock, reading and writing 
[[underline]] Oct 23. [[/underline]] (Sunday) [[underline]] Dr. Hixson [[/underline]] of Columbia visited me this afternoon. Showed him my laboratory and my wine making in [[strikethrough]] the [[/strikethrough]] my cellar. Gave him several bottles of wine to take home. A very pleasant afternoon 

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