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so much required under present war conditions ceases by his command.
[[underlined]] Sunday. [[/underlined]] October 26. At home all day except seeing a very interesting Movie . in Yonkers.
[[underlined]] Oct 27. [[/underlined]] Bright but cold. Celine drove to New York with Dick I stayed home all day, attending to belated matters. Russian situation seems as bad as before.
Prepared myself for my coming lecture in Columbia.
Intend to take as subject: "The start and development of modern plastics".
[[underlined]] Oct. 28. [[/underlined]] An article about Bakelite Air craft has been printed in the papers. George knows about the [[strikethrough]] posit [[/strikethrough]] possibilities.
[[underlined]] Oct 29. [[/underlined]] Went to office then Columbia At office tells me that the old big Bakelite container in which we made our first 
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[[in top margin]] # old spheric [[strikethrough]] ce [[/strikethrough]] Kettle still in use. [[/top margin]]
productions of Bakelite articles under heat and pressure, the way I did it in my old Yonkers laboratory. - So this spherical cast - iron # is still the old spherical useful bakelizer and rendering good service. 
Took luncheon at the Columbia faculty Club. Had a separate room where with the men of [[strikethrough]] our [[/strikethrough]] our group could discuss pending questions. X [[left margin vertical]] X Hixson leading [[/left margin vertical]] Learned there to my astonishment that since precision instruments used for chemical work or for chemical engineering, formerly imported from Europe are no longer obtainable in New York [[strikethrough]] intruding [[/strikethrough]] thieves managed to intrude in our laboratories to still such instruments and then sell them at enormous prices. - These thefts only take place after professors and students
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