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                Keene - N.H.
                June 17th '66

Dear Mr. Brumbaugh, I share your opinion that A.H.T. was the finest figure painter of his generation and I hope that your book will help to restore him to his proper place.
  I began to study with Thayer when I was fourteen.  He was infinitely good to me and I venerated him. In the things I have written about him I have slurred over his less admirable qualities, but if you read Nelson C. White's biography carefully you will find in John J. Chapman's angry letter and in A.H.T.'s proposal of marriage, evidence of some his weaknesses.  White was too kind to go into them fully, but I think you will other hints of them here and there.
  Yes, all of the Thayer children are dead.  I was too young to know anything about the break with the Bloede family, you speak of.
  I am sending under a separate cover an article I wrote about Thayer.
  Would you be so kind as to send the title of Rockwell's autobiography.  I am under the impression it was published under another name.  Good luck to you!
                   Sincerely yours,

                        Barry Faulkner

Transcription Notes:
Abbott Handerson Thayer = AHT

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