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      Venice Aug. 27. 1843.
I should have written you long since my dear Jack had I not been expecting a letter in answer to my last from time to time for nearly 3 months. before leaving home I wrote you respecting my plans for the summer & as I expected funds in my Bankers hands at Paris, thinking you might want them or could use them to advantage. I sent you an order for whatever might come to Greene & Co for 3 months from the date of my letter.  As I sent this by Young [[VanKerselaer?]] to Marseilles to be put in the office there. I am fearful you never rec'd it as you have not acknowledged it & as I have had notice frm Green & Co that they have money in their hands subject to my order.  it is not as much as I expected from home being after deducting my last years expenses with them only 60 Dolls or so.  Still as it might help you to come to Italy. you can use it & welcome.  I only regret it is not more.  Do not be delicate my dear fellow. as I am in no want having an abundance of Commissions to keep the Pot boiling for some time. & more means coming when the present is done.  I am anxious you should see Italy thinking it would be so much to your advantage as well as gratification.  for fear you have never recd that letter I also wrote in it for you to give poor Cook for me $5. if that would be of the least service to him.  if he has need of money you will please give him that now. You know I am not Croesus or a Rotchild.

Transcription Notes:
He dots his "e" which is a little confusing.