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[[6 photographs taped to page. Some obscure captions.]] 
[[IMAGE top row, left: 2 men sitting on shore]]
[[words obscured by photograph]] 
on the marina 
Lagos Nigeria

[[IMAGE top row, right: 7 men standing next to plane]]
[[photograph upper right]]
Rafia Johnson Olympic Champion U.C.L.A. Los Angeles. Arriving Accra Gha[[na]] African Sta[[?]]
Rafia [[words obscured by photograph, possibly: Johnson and]] Olympic Stars from the Olympic tournament Rome Italy - 1960

[[IMAGE center row, left: station]]
R.R. Station Lagos

[[IMAGE center row, right: riders on horses and a camel]]
At the Exhibition Lagos Nigeria for Independence

[[IMAGE bottom row, left: people sitting on bank of river]]
relaxing on the grass on the Nile River Boats returning from crossing to different cities. Lagos Nigeria

[[IMAGE bottom row, right: 7 young people]]
Edith Austin and bunch of youth Lagos.