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COMMITTEES ^^[[1956-1957]]

^^[[Written in the top right corner]]
Francis Albrier [[underlined]] President [[/underlined]]

[[underlined]]EXECUTIVE BOARD [[/underlined]]--Margaret Joseph, Chr.
Officers and Chairmen of Departments

[[left column start]]


Lizzie Nelson, Chr.
Lucille A. Greer
Brooksie Fleming, Co-Chr.
Mary Carter
Stella Gibson

[[underlined]]FINANCE, WAYS & MEANS
Ida Mae Hughes, Chr.
Pearl Lee Gray, Co-Chr.
Roberta Matthews
Frances Miller, Co-Chr.
Lillian Brown
Floyd G. Allen
Eula Blocker
Ruth March
Pauline Gillum

Elizabeth Johnson, Chr.
Frances Dillingham
Gertrude Gumbs
Henrietta Cooper
Wilberta Edmond

[[underlined]]SOCIAL WELFARE
Floyd G. Allen, Chr.
Sallie Edwards, Co-Chr.
Annie Roan
Lillian Nixon
Elyza Hemingway

S. Anna Magruder, Chr.
Mabel D. Taylor, Co-Chr.
Jimmie L. Ruffin

Hattie Stone, Chr.
May Williams
Lucille Underwood
Frances Dillingham
Sara Blagburn
Donneter Dean
Hazel Sims
Maggie Fields

[[underlined]]LABOR AND INDUSTRY
Izalia Bible
Elyza Hemingway
Maudie Mack

[[end left column]]
[[start right column]]

Grace Jackson, Chr.
Ola B. Brown, Co-Chr.
Mary L. Carter
Ida Nolan
Clara Lovett

Sara Blagburn, Chr.
Madeline Roan
Willie B. Lambert
Bennie Lewis
Helen Forde
Mary Stewart

[[underlined]]HUMAN RELATIONS
Minnie Carter, Chr.
Lula Hunt
Verdella Duncan
Lottie Smith
Lucille Stewart
Jennie Fleming

[[underlined]]YOUTH CONSERVATION [[/underlined]]
Ruth March, Chr.
C.M. Haynes
Lucille Morrison
Grace Jackson
Elyza Hemingway
Margerette Schumpert

[[underlined]]PRESS, PUBLIC RELATIONS[[/underlined]]
Ruth March
Carrie Stewart

Pauline Gillum
Mary Carter
Margaret Lee
Hattie Stone
Lucille A. Greer

[[underlined]]HOSPITALITY AND SOCIAL[[/underlined]]
Ophelia Moore, Chr.
Margaret Joseph, Co-Chr.
Ruby Lee Williams, Co-Chr.
Jimmie L. Ruffin Co-Chr.
Willie B. Lambert
Rosie Lee Hopkins
Vermelle Townsend
Lovijean Lucas
Roberta Matthews
Erna B. Carter
Helen Ligrosky

Lola Godbold
Mabel Taylor

[[underlined]]LIFE MEMBERSHIP[[/underlined]]
Carrie Stewart

[[end right column]]

^[[written in the bottom right corner, 2010.60.1.1]]