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[[typed over a gold tinged crest, centered]]
sponsored by the 
National Council of Negro Women
and the 
National Urban League
[[/typed over a gold crest, centered]]

[[underlined, centered]] FOREWORD [[/underlined, centered]]

[[underlined]] PURPOSE [[/underlined]]: To stimulate and encourage The People of San Francisco to execute their full citizenship responsibilities and rights. To create a climate in which the people of San Francisco will feel constrained to participate in Political Activities of the 1956 Election Campaign.

Citizenship Education is one of the Ten National Departments of National Council of Negro Women.

[[underlined]] OBJECTIVE [[/underlined]]: To develop political consciousness and responsible participation in our democracy. To emphasize the importance of taking a part in every election on every level of government from our own Local Communities to the Community of Nations. 

This Project was made possible by a small grant of money enabling National Urban League and National Council of Negro Women of San Francisco to carry out an Educational Campaign and Program to increase Registration and Voting.
National Council of Negro Women of San Francisco chaired by Mrs. Ruth C. Mueller, Regional Director. True to the tradition of National Council of Negro Women ^[[-]] "Always alerted to acceptance of a challenge ^[[",]] formed a Planning Committee.

The committee was composed of National Council of Negro Women affiliates, union groups, civic welfare, church, social, professional, fraternal and lay groups.

The planning Committee agreed unanimously this project would be tremendously helpful to the community of San Francisco. The project was soon launched on full scale.

Acknowledgment and thanks to volunteers. National Council of Negro Women members, affiliates, and friends appear elsewhere in this Report.

^[[Vivian C Mason National President   Frances M. Albrier. President]]