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President's Desk
S.F. Chapter N.C.N.W.

To Officers and Members:

Sunday, April 28th, Council's regular meeting date, was so beautiful and there were so many activities on that day that many officers and members were absent. It seems that members are more interested in other organizations than they are in the work and program of the Council.

We are nearing a Commemorative Week of one who sacrificed much, worked hard, and through her efforts, brick by brick, has made it possible for all Negro women to have a place in the sun. Her program we are neglecting to carry out, and only a precious few are carrying on.

We are grateful to E. Hemingway, L. Godbold, L. Greer, C Stewart, M. Taylor, M. Roane, H. Forde, E. Carter, B. Fleming, R. Belton, H.O. Lignosky, F. Allen, A. McGruder, L. Morrison for their presence at meeting. A telephone call informed us of the illness of Elizabeth Johnson. This [[underlined]]is all of our Council[[underlined]]. Whatever it is depends on us. Its [[underlined]]standing in the community; its position in the Council National[[underlined]] along with [[underlined]]other councils[[underlined]], which helps our [[underlined]]National Council[[underlined]] to take its place [[underlined]]representing you[[underlined]] in the [[underlined]]International Council of Women of the World.[[underlined]]--depends on you. Are you going to let your S.F. Chapter lag behind the women of Africa, who have so much less to work with but who do so much, or the women of Trinidad?...or those of Georgia?...Taxas?,,,Virginia? Let's make San Francisco the best and most outstanding, as Mrs. Bethune would like us to be!

[[underlined]]Beef Sheet[[underlined]] and Gratitude

The Council's program has been handicapped by officers not functioning--our 1st Vice President and Program Chairman...the recording Secretary...the Parliamentarian. Orchids to the 2 Vice President and Chairman of the Executive Board, even through her great loss she has tried to carry on... our Financial Secretary who is as dedicated to the Council's program as Mrs. Mason the National President...the Treasurer, the Chaplain, and the Corresponding Secretary--very glad she is back in the city. To Mrs. M. Fields who has acted as recording Secretary.

Orchids to the Departmental Chairman-Membership, L. Nelson; Social Welfare and Health, F.F. Allen; Religious Education, M. Taylor; Youth Conservation Past Pres. Ruth March; Telephone, P. Gillum, Hattie Stone, L. Greer.

We are hoping Education-Finance-Human Relations and International Relations will be presenting their program soon.


Still receiving comments and appreciation on "Council's Negro History Exhibit" at the Emporium. Pictures can be obtained for $1.00 order from the President. This effort sent many votes to the Sun Reporter for the Council to be Club of the Year. Besides votes from friends who named the President and Council who have received the Merit Award for two consecutive years. Our 2nd Vice President, Margaret Joseph, who nearly won Woman of the Year Award, and other friends of the Council, which won for us the Award of the Club of the Year, 1957, for our Citizenship Education Project in the community -Sept.-Nov. 1956....A Council Member, Coordinator Floyd Green Allen, Ruth March, the Pres. and a precious few members again who helped with the project. Many questions have been asked the Pres. about the project--will answer them later, in a report.

*The [[underlined]]National[[underlined]] Pres., [[underlined]]Vivian C. Mason,[[underlined]] has informed me that the [[underlined]]National Council of Negro Women[[underlined]] has [[underlined]]won[[underlined]] the [[underlined]]"American Heritage Foundation" prize[[underlined]] and atrribute it to [[underlined]]their West Coast project.*


[[written in bottom right corner, 2010.60.1.53]]

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even worse than Georgia!!??? Only Missouri should ever be worse than Georgia!

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