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National President
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   The National Council of Negro Women warmly greets the delegates and visitors to the 22nd Annual Convention and Youth Conference assembled for four days in the nation's capital. The theme for the convention this year was chosen with great purpose and with high hopes for the NCNW believes in the future of our youth, our country and of all the people of earth wherever they may be.
   While frightening shadows seem to lengthen across the face of the world, presaging the final act of man's folly, there is one conviction that will not be stilled. It is true that men have struggled from abysmal darkness to light through uncounted years of error and conflict; killing each other off with untiring zeal, while all the time the scholars, the scientists, the poets, the merchantmen, explorers, mapmakers, stargazers and kindred other folk were pursuing knowledge and expressing thoughts quite unrelated to the havoc that raged about them.
   However in this day and time it is not so simple to live outside of the world we live in for the confines of earth have shrunk and narrowed until the entire world is a neighborhood that can be traversed with incredible speed. So while the old criteria of spheres of power have given way to spheres from which to launch guided missiles; the danger that a collision may occur fills everyone with fear for they know it would end our civilization. The conviction that can't wholly be discarded is that the people of every country understand that there is only one choice and no gamble that holds even a minimum of security. Therefore the people of the universe, young and old, must be the deterrent to a third world war. How is the unanswered question.
   Our hopes are centered in our youth and in their future. That future depends upon many factors, connoting a determination by adults that they will accept the apprehensive implications of the future to labor without compromise for a world in which individual worth is paramount and concomitant with human dignity; where the marvels of science are used to lift the standard of living for millions, illhoused, illfed and illiterate and where through ever increasing uses of man's creative genius, all who labor will have more time to enjoy the beauties and manmade riches of earth.
   How able are we as adults to help fashion this world of the future? What spiritual anchorage have we molded by example and precept; what disciplines of self-denial and self-sacrifice and what ideals and beliefs have we emulated to the end that our youth are unable to withstand the baptism of disappointments, adversities, cynicism and the crushing of the dream that may never come to reality?
   We must find the answers and the way together, youth and their elders and time is upon us for "in today already walks tomorrow."
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Convention Program
National Council of Negro Women
Wednesday, November 6, 1957--Council House
9:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M.
2:00 P.M.--Meetings:
   Heads of National Affiliates--Mme. C.J. Walker Room
   Presidents of Local Councils--Bailey Memorial Room
   Life Members Guild--Reception Room
   National Committees--Delta Room
4:00 P.M.
   Joint Meeting--Presidents of National Affiliates and Local Councils--Bailey Memorial Room
7:30 P.M.
   Meeting of Board of Directors--Bailey Memorial Room
   Training Session for Summarizers, Recorders, Discussion Leaders for Youth Conference--Phyllis Wheatley, Y.W.C.A.
Message..... MRS. WILLIAM T. MASON, National President
Devotions..... DR. ALMA ILLERY, National Chaplain
Meditations--"Mary McLeod Bethune".....MRS. SUE BAILEY THURMAN MRS. ETHEL RAMOS HARRIS at the Piano
Roll Call..... MRS. HELEN M. MEADE
   Minutes of Executive Committee Meetings
   Reports of Standing Committees:
      Auditing--MRS. CARITA V. ROANE
      Constitution--MRS. LAVINIA BANKS
      Finance--MRS. MARY N. WHITE
      Headquarters--MRS. SADIE MILLS FRANKLIN
      Personnel--MISS DOROTHY I. HEIGHT
      Scholarship--MRS. EUNICE MATTHEWS
   Special Projects:
      1. Brotherhood Luncheon--MRS. ALIENE C. EWELL
      2. Mary McLeod Bethune Commemoration Week--MRS. HENRINE WARD BANKS
      3. Current Affairs Project No. 1--DR. ROSA GRAGG
      4. Current Affairs Project No. 2
      5. Unveiling of Plaque--MRS. HOWARD THURMAN
   Report of Executive Director--MISS DOROTHY C. GUINN
      1. The Auditor's Report
      2. The Treasurer's Report--MRS. MARION JACKSON, Acting Treasurer
      3. Budget for 1957-58--MRS. MARY N. WHITE, Chairman of Finance
   Life members Guild--MRS. FANNYE AYER PONDER, National Chairman
   Presentation of New Councils and Life Members
   Program Committee Report--DR. LORRAINE WILLIAMS, Chairman
   Resolutions--DR. DEBORAH PARTIRDGE, Chairman
   Awards Committee--DR. DOROTHY B. FEREBEE
   President's Recommendations
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