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Works Executed by T. D. JONES, Sculptor.


Bust of John H. Coleman; Cincinnati, 1842. 

General W. H. Harrison, colossal bust in stone, for Jacob Hoffner, Esq., and a dolphin for his fountain; Cincinnati, 1842.

Resurrection piece in stone, alto relievo.

A group of eight figures in freestone

A colossal statue in wood, a fireman in costume, from life; Cincinnati, 1844.

A bust of Hon. Henry Clay, modeled from life; Lexington, Ky., 1844.

A colossal statue of General Marion, in wood; Cincinnati, 1845.

A basso relievo, three figures in bronze, Arabesque style, for the Catholic Cathedral; Cincinnati 1846.

A statue of an Angel of Hope, in marble; Cincinnati, 1846.

A bust of Dr. Clark; Cincinnati, 1846.

A bust of Delafield Rand, Esq.; Cincinnati 1846.

A bust of Dr. Mason; Cincinnati, 1847.

A statue of Faith, life size; Cincinnati, 1847.

A bust of Hon. Thos. Corwin, by order of the Whigs of Ohio, 1847.

A bust of General Z. Taylor, modeled from life, for the Whigs of Ohio; Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 1848.

A bust of Hon. Lewis Cass, of Michigan, from life, for the Democrats of Louisiana, 1848.

A bust of Bishop McCoskrey, modeled from life; Detroit, Michigan, 1849.

Bust of grandson of Gen. Cass, 1849.

A bust of Gen. Winfield Scott, modeled from life, by order of the citizens of Detroit; New York City, 1850.

A bust, in marble, of General Cass, for citizens of Detroit, 1850.

A medallion of Henry Clay, modeled from life, at Washington, 1851, from which was executed the gold medal presented to the eminent statesman by the Whigs of New York. This is the latest issue of a copy of the features of the great man taken from life.

A bust of H. L. Stuart, Esq.; New York City, 1851.

A bust of Wm. Vincent Wallace; New York City, 1851.

A medallion of C. C. Wright; New York, 1851.

A medallion of T. Addison Richards, Esq., artist; New York City, 1852.

A medallion of General Washington, modeled from a cast taken of his face while President of the United States, and therefore the most correct portrait in existence; 1852.

A medallion of Queen Victoria, modeled by one of Her Majesty's subjects, and has been pronounced a very life-like embodiment of the reigning monarch of Great Britain; 1852.

Cabinet bust of Augustine Mullett; 1865.

Copy of the Jury Medal of the great Exhibition, 1852.

A medallion of Mr. Jessup; Sheffield, England, 1852.

A medallion of Hon. Daniel Webster, modeled from life, 1852. This is the last likeness taken of the great statesman.

A cabinet bust of Julia Dean; 1852.

A medallion of Wm. Walcutt, artist; New York City, 1852.

A medallion of His Grace, Archbishop Hughes, from life; 1853.

An alto relievo, a group half the size of life for a block of marble to be presented by the Welsh citizens of New York for the Washington Monument, 1853.

A bust of Zadack Pratt, Esq., of Prattsville; New York. 1854.

A bust of N. T. Hubbard, Esq., merchant, for the Merchants' Exchange, New York City, 1854.

A bust of the Rev. E. H. Chapin, from life, New York, 1854.

A medallion of James H. Cafferty, Esq., artist; New York, 1854.

A medallion of Carlos D. Stuart, Esq., the poet; New York. 1855.

A medallion of Jacob Dallas, Esq., artiest, New York, 1855.

A bust of Geo. Law. New York; 1855.

During the year of 1856 was mostly engaged making designs for monuments.

A bust of Bancroft, the artist, at Lexington, Ky., 1857.

A bust of J. C. Breckinridge, Lexington, Ky., 1857.

Made a design for the Pioneer Monument at Cincinnati in 1859.

A bust of Chief Justice Chase; Columbus, 1858.

A bust of Hon. Thomas Ewing; Lancaster, 1859.

A design of the Perry Monument; Put-in-Bay, Lake Erie, 1859.

A bust of the late President Lincoln; Springfield, Illinois, 1861.

A medallion of Father Collins, 1861.

A bust of W. W. Fosdic, 1863.

A cabinet bust of Capt. Brutton, 1865.

A cabinet bust of the late President Lincoln, 1865.

Colossal statue of a soldier, 12 feet high, executed in stone for the State of Indiana, 1866.

A colossal statue of a solider, 12 feet high, executed in stone; Pomeroy, Ohio, 1868.

The Lincoln and Soldiers' Memorial, erected in the Rotunda of the State Capitol of Ohio, 1872.

A bust of Chase in marble; Cincinnati, 1872.

A bust of Chase in marble, for the Supreme Court of the United States; Washington City, 1876.

A bust of the Hon. Reverdy Johnson; Washington, D.C., 1876.

All of the above works are pronounced by competent judges not only to be excellent likenesses, but the most beautiful works of art produced in the United States.

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