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cf ɔd[[unclear diacritic above d]][[u?]]t[[unclear diacritic above t]]ɔɭ[[unclear diacritic above ɭ]]a in Ijebu- Ode- a prominent business.

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Biographies of Prof. [[smudge]] Ita note poet in Calabar E N. Amaku
playwright there also.
cf Salami Agbaji in Ibadam a prominent business man.
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Text Book (African culture)

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Stories for Children 

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^[[Vol. of]] Folktales

Childbirth and 
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Naming Children - Methods, ceremonies, etc.

Transcription Notes:
the second word on the first page is written in linguistic symbols (denoting pronunciation). There are diacritics over each consonant but all are too faint to identify.