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Jan 28, 1932 con) than all previous trappers combined. Everyone well pleased with work. Otto Ludwig: Reputation generally bad - a regular outlaw - liar - sure he trapped beaver unlawfully while working for m. Only turned in 7 skins for three months work. Killed 10-12 dogs by placing baits near road + boasted about it. Boasted that he sold hides on the side. 
[[underlined]] Ray James. [[/underlined]] Game Warden  Newport Wash.
Poisoned 3 bear - killed grouse out of season and boasted of it. Dog poisoner - liar - trouble maker. Promised a full written statement. [[?Weave gi?]] views.
[[underlined]] C. J. Rhode [[/underlined]] - Sec. of Stevens Co. Game Commission
441 Cedar St Colville, Wash. Liar - trouble maker bad citizen (Ludwig) Weaver a good man as any they have ever had.
[[underlined]] W. B. Weaver [[/underlined]] Spokane Co- Game Commissioner
Weaver & Morris both high class men - good citizens - not booze fighters - Hard workers. 
Ludwig - renegade - liar - bootlegger - not all there - is a ready letter writer about everything. 
[[underlined]] Ray James [[/underlined]] Newport, Wash says he attended a meeting at Sand Point Idaho where there was some criticism of us for work in North Idaho. Advised that Morris get in touch with Bennett the game warden at Sand Point
Spoke in afternoon to convention giving them history of Bio. Survey & the development of the work.
Alex McCabe got up after I finished and said in effect "You fellows all know that I had plenty to say about the BS at Ellensburg four years ago and later