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Story told by Sheep Man - Ed. Miller of Union
old timer. 
Once helping brand bunch of short yearling calves. Just a boy himself.
Was helping with roping and throwing. Tried to hold one down but failed as too small. Boss told him to get on horse & hold rope while he held calf down. Horse began to buck. Rope helped hold him on but was jerking calf all over lot  Owner yelled for him to let rope go and he did. calf got away from owner. About second jump horse bucked him about ten feet in air. While he was yet in air saw calf headed for him. "Lit a runnin." ran and [[jumped?]] as high into [[climb?]] bushes as he could. calf crashed thru under him & there he was ahung up in bush.
Also story of man trying to take a rope from a bull and letting him get away. Threw himself into the bottom of a deep narrow ditch and there he lay with the bull [[jumping?]] angrily back & forth above him.

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