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0016 (Stamp on top of page)

Sept. 27.

On ridge between Siena and Woodside
Canyons west of Oswego Mine.  Upper
Pogonip faulted against E. Lower part
section shows two zones of [[underlined]]Desmorthis[[/underlined]] 
about 20-30 feet apart.  Above [[underlined]]Desmorthis[[underlined]] 
100 feet or more containing
[[underlined]] Anomolorthis[[/underlined]], Bryozoans and their
upper Pogonip species.

  In afternoon because of rain to
south went to Devils Gate.  Here
on the north side Gate above thickest
ledge of ls. (limestone??) containing corals occurs
platy, dark limestone containing
[[underlined]]Pugnars[[/underlined]], [[underlined]]Leiorhyachis[[/underlined]], [[underlined]]Cyrtospirifer[[/underlined]],
[[underlined]]Schizophoria[[/underlined]], [[underlined]]Phipidonella[[/underlined]], [[underlined]])Schuchertella[[/underlined]]