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October 5.

 Following sequence of brachiopods seen at saddle between Silurian and Devonian on Lone Mtn.

Gypidula, large Schizophoria Chonetes Macrostriata? Meristella, Nucleospira

October 6 - Antelope range visited by going down west side Monitor range past [[?]] Ranch to intersection with wad from east side 3.1 miles north on road on east side Antelope range is a well-defined road leading into a small canyon. Entrance to Canyon marked by platy [[?]], possibly E. Pogonip in hill at head of main canyon and in lateral canyons to north & south.  Good collecting near head of side canyon to north. Same beds also exposed at base of mtn. 1/3 mile north of this canyon. Here Archacorthis is abundant.